Back on the Grind February Vlog

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“You in the backyard baby. Way today can i kick. It yes you can can can i kick it yes we can hold up we should get these robin whatever barks. I just dog those ah whoa lee.

Still biggest making so much noise right now. I ve been so impressed with my hair. This is to day hair my hair gets oily really fast like after a day. But i want to share with you guys what i ve been doing to kind of work with two to three day hair.

You know some girls wash your hair. Once a week. And it s like still looks amazing by the end of the week. Me not so much however look this is like not bad you guys this video is sponsored by ocean of beauty.

Which is a brand that i adore. I think i first used then in 2018 they customized your very own shampoo conditioner hair mask. Even treatments. All you have to do is take like a two minute quiz on their website depending on your answers.

They will custom formulize a bottle for you and all of their products are free of sulfates. Parabens. Mineral oils and everything is vegan and cruelty free. Which is amazing.

And i love their packaging..

That s also customizable you can pick your color your scent. I have eucalyptus no dye. Which is like what i prefer i think it s so clean and beautiful and i loved eucalyptus. I can t smell eucalyptus all day it s awesome anything in the middle family.

I m a sucker for it for my hair profile. I put naturally straight hair. Very oily fine hair is still fine and you have one row of npr extensions. But just overall was it less than that department.

My sister was however i wasn t for some reason so my hair is very thinned. But the biggest issue that i have is how oily it gets when i took the quiz online my personal goals for my hair are oil control deep conditioned replenish strengthen and volume eyes the biggest improvement that i ve seen with my hair is oil control. So you have oily hair like me and you ve been trying a lot of different products. I would try out this combo function of beauty and i think because i get the eucalyptus adhere something tells me that eucalyptus would be good for controlling oil as well as like tea tree well if i m not mistaken.

So yeah make sure you check them out. I ll leave a link in the description box. They are offering 20 off your first order. So i would help on that.

While you can and thank you so much to function of beauty for sponsoring this video. Okay i ordered two breakfast burritos. Please breakfast burritos sophia yes good finished another bag of open farm freeze dry raw. Okay watch check.

I love this thing marinating some shrimp for taco night..

But normally robin and i use some soy protein for our tacos. But tonight. We re switching it up and we re doing shrimp and robin just made some fresh guac. She jazzed up this salsa looks so good it smells amazing second cup of coffee.

But it s 5 14. Now. And i m nydia whaley and just at crossfit at 5 50. They re gonna be joining me.

Today. For the 6 o clock. Class. And it s the first time.

Taking crossfit. Hopefully. I m able to film in class just depends on how many people are there and really me whipping out the camera. Just there s a lot of variables you know it s like a do i feel comfortable.

I don t like to draw too much attention. Whenever i do have the camera out it s very discrete you know people don t really realize anyways super. Excited we re gonna get a good workout in hopefully. Today s class isn t so intense sometimes it s like doable and sometimes i feel like i m gonna die so we ll just have to see okay so i caved in and i bought a airfryer look at that salmon here s my salad post.

Jim quinoa..

Patty. Southwestern salad. This is nutritional yeast and i cooked. The quinoa patty in the airfryer.

It s been such a productive morning went to crossfit started working on my video. I just got done getting ready because i m meeting christine for lunch. We re just gonna eat around the area. But she had some work to do in la.

So she s popping by to say. Hello you know start thinking how the teacher starts sinking. No. Oh i totally forgot the song.

That s bothering me yeah. That s a shame cuz. We could have got a record deal. I got that feeling someone s watching me right before hard you step in huh.

It s awesome your comments and you guys said that you felt my struggle putting on workout pants leggings i m gonna feed you when i get back okay can mommy just work out for a little bit is that okay. With you cool. Yeah. Sometimes casas just be tempted me last couple of minutes.

You re just giving..

It. All you have and it s a lot what a great class. Though feeling accomplished. I really needed that today okay bye.

I m so late for class and i am so blue right now what the heck was like really blue outside let s go time to workout. I ve been loving the evening classes lately just can t get myself to get up in the morning. I m sleeping late or marquis ripd to my fresh hair so sad we just washed it and it s so fresh and nice and now it s gonna be ruined. But this big ol box just came in from open farm.

The dogs are so spoiled they love open farm. We got some treats here s some poor treats a ton of cod skin. Because i add this into each of their meals. Then we got some freeze dried wrong here s a lamb flavor.

We have some chicken flavor fish and beef and of course. Some bone. Broth. This is great for collagen are you gonna say thank you open for me.

Thank you there s a lot of things you do if you play god just like the pulse in general all right so hungover. ” ..

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