Avian-X A-frame Blind Review – Portable Duck Blind

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“Have the avx a frame out here this morning guys are getting decoys set up. Up. I m gonna get this set up real quick it s late goose season here in wyoming. We re gonna put this thing through the paces this morning and see how she does i can tell you already.

I m pretty impressed just carrying it out here there s nothing to it it s all folded up like you can see and you ll see more in the setup here in a few minutes so as you can see you got your buckles. I ve got lots of extra strap here we ll need this once this thing gets all grassed in because it s going to be big. But when we go to put it away. But right now it s not i m just gonna loosen it up a little bit and you re gonna see how it stores together.

It basically everything is folded up on top of itself. And that is the frame right there these this is the front front or back panel doesn t matter. But you d say it basically sandwich the frame in between the panel s when you get it all set up..


So. What i m gonna do is set this over here like that and we re gonna get this thing set up. We re gonna set it right in here now you need to find your bottoms as you can see this thing is chain stretched chain corded together. And it snaps together just like that really simple kind of like tent poles.

This is one of our cross. Members that we re gonna fit into here. So these snap in here goes. My uprights once you get your your horizontal braces put up all your bases put up on the bottom you want to set these vertical stays up and i switch these around these brackets need to be on the inside.

And i ve got them backwards. I got them facing on the outside right now so it s as simple as just switching them like that we ve got this side set up this side is going to go together. Now pretty easy and then it s time to put cover does not take long to get this line actually set up grass it in takes about an hour..


I don t know how much grass again. We re going to actually do today because it s alright to support bars that gutter that are going to snap in here. Just like this we ve got the frame setup now comes the cover this is one of the neat things about this blind. There is velcro.

But to help hold your cover on you ve got this little female pocket. That goes right over that male end right. There you just put it over that and your cover is pretty much on now one more panel one more front cover and they buffle together on the ends. We re going to be set.

I ve set this blind up in a about 15 minutes by myself holding my second time setting it up i d say this is pretty slick pretty user friendly there you have it the a b and x. A frame you get a big bolt of grass just like this and you re going to stick it down in here in through your stubble straps. You have three stubble straps and it goes all the way down and fits in this pocket..


What that does is it allows that grass to come over the top of the blind and hide everybody that s inside it so that s pretty slick. We re going to grass this thing in on the front and on the sides probably not going to go crazy. Today. But we re going to get some of it done you can see those stuff those double pockets.

Really help so now that we ve been out for a couple hours. And we ve actually gotten some hunting in out of the blind. I ve got to say i m very very impressed. I m not a real small guy.

My 200th manion s today. Greg and jim aren t real small guys either. And the three of us are in here and max on the outside of the blind..


But we have two full sized yellows yellow labs in the blind with us there s lots of room for gear and once we get down in here this material helps keep the wind off it is a lit it was chilly to start this morning material definitely helps create a real cozy environment in the in the floor of the blinds. It s hidden extremely well we didn t even grass it in fully. But this thing s hidden extremely well we ve killed some geese that s what those guys are down. Actually mopping up a couple of cripples that took off down river on us this avian x.

A frame blind you got to check it out because this thing s lightweight. It s very packable very easy to move around it was quick to set up this morning and if you re gonna leave this grass on zip tie it in roll it up your hunt could be set up and ready to go in about 15 minutes. Hope you enjoyed the review of the a b and x. A frame.

Because we enjoy bringing it to you till next time. ” ..

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