AVENVIEW 4K w/ HDR Passthrough for “XBOX ONE S” OR “PS4 PRO” Streaming!

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” s up everybody peter. The leader here coming at you with an awesome video. I i am so excited to share this news with you guys because as many of know i am a gamer three months ago about three months ago. The xbox one s came out i bought a new 4k tv.

I m prepared hdr gaming. Hello. I m here right now the problem is my elgato capture card the hd 60 pro. Does not capture 4k.

So what i ve been doing for the past three months. I ve been being selfish and not sharing with you guys my gameplay or anything because i ve been enjoying it on my 4k tv in my office. I wanted to share the experiences with you guys and i wanted to livestream and i know a lot of you do that too i know a lot of you guys have an xbox one s..


And you re probably not outputting 4k. Because you can t stream out in 4k to everybody to twitch or youtube gaming or whatever streaming service. Is your choice. I found the solution today.

I m going to share it with you guys this company aven view. Okay i found these guys i googled everything i can think of to figure out how i can get this done and this is the solution sch dm2 t. 4k hd. This company first of all they do a lot of pro stuff.

They do extenders and splitters and capture cards and they work with matrix and all these fancy stuff or pro high end people right. But i m a gamer and i found these guys so check it out hdmi in this is where you put in your xbox cable right here 4k and then the back we have two outputs. This is the thing one of the outputs which i believe output one down scales..


The 4k for you automatically and output two goes to your 4k tv and next week when the playstation. 4 pro comes out for all you guys you ll be able to do this also with your playstation you just go in right here straight from your playstation and then the output output 1. It outputs 1080 ok you set it to output 1080 and then output 2 you set it to bypass your input. So it bypasses your input automatically no lag no lag gamers no lag straight to your preview monitor output.

I ll put one ghost your elgato capture card which i assume everybody uses el dotto to capture you know we go stream to obs and youtube gaming. Twitch whatnot. But look this thing does hdr it bypasses 60fps. It does hdmi 4k ultra hd.

60. Frames per second. I can t stress that enough because a lot of these that i was finding on google that similar companies they only do 30 frames per second..


We don t want no 30. We want our 60 smooth call of duty fast framerate right so this does everything you need a cable that s compatible obviously your xbox or playstation is already i assume going to come with a 4k capable ultra hd hd are compatible cable i needed an extra one so i went to best buy and i picked this guy up and it works beautifully. I don t know what else to tell you it just works. It does what it s supposed to do it inputs it bypasses and then in outputs it down skills and you can set both of these to bypass also in the future.

If i want to stream in 4k if i get a 4k capture card and then i can set these two with the software that you download is very simple there s a drop down menu output one you set to downscale to 1080 and then output to you set to bypass and bada boom. What you got in your room is 4k gaming and 1080 60. Fps streaming for everyone around the world. I m going to leave a link in the description of this video.

Where you can purchase this b h marker techcom. There s the links in the description for all of you guys that want this that need this i know you do don t sacrifice your image. No we are going to not do that we re going to play in 4k okay..


It s 2016 and we re gonna let people from around the world enjoy it too in 1080 on their phones. You know on their pcs. Whatever eventually we ll get to 4k. But when we do this is going to be there waiting for us again this does hdr also it you don t lose your acr.

Either that s a huge thing cuz that s why i got my xbox. One. As obviously is i want the full advantage of everything. The technology has to offer subscribe hit the like button leave a comment below if you re a streamer.

If you need one of these i m telling you not if you do need one of these i mean how else are you gonna output 4km you know what i mean anyways ” ..

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