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” re a priority when a person doesn t always do it on my own so so i gotta get through it and the only thing. I know is to love i m doing never give up never listen to the nose keep my head up so i gotta get through it and the only thing. I know is to love what i m doing never give up never slow till. I finally prove it never listen to the nose.

I just wanna keep moving yeah put it out of started no never give up no. I just wanna yeah put it outside its everything. I do i m just being checking wait. Yeah.

I m sick of based food feel my own adrenaline yeah..

I m grateful oh yeah come on i m grateful oh yeah okay yeah. Yeah let s go i think the first with the cursed with the thirst that i want to be better not worse man. It hurts. Among the circuits of my words.

And i put them all together insert cuz. I wanna have worth looking at the heart. They put me in the dirt can i go fine. And listen to my words gonna be a star man dice like a player.

When you re working this hard to get saucers yeah..

I m taking a back seat. I m passing this laughing. I m nasty nobody able to catch me they gasp in that they cannot compare they can that s me i m an sp. I got you girl i seen that band and dancing and you know my wife she yes game to crash for me.

It s nice with me since at officially was cash money and she knows that other that ashley i m cold just to feel fight fight subscribe. What dare i want the whole world in the palm of my hand. I got a plan on the man now just a game of better and better than anybody else just me i m ready looking at my hand in the safety. I m trending ascending and blending lyrical been doing now spreading and just say my name out loud ever hearing that all the crowds up in the sound in the ground run.

And i ve become and ai..

N t nothing looking over here. I might keep it 100 cold blood. There s no budget from nothing to something i love it i got all hand and a full plane. I can stop to them at the top man.

Every single truck got me feeling uh. Sir. I m a bunch of club started from the cuts on her inside just to feel a fight a fight to strive one day all day and all night. Let s take up so right so dumb get drunk.

And then hook up..

We re okay we were wrong right say you know wake until the sunrise. We were in love stop young way too much fun in the sun. Don t think wendy s come on shoot you to prom dance to our song dance all night. Don t you the vice.

It s to say now i remember every and how careless and how jealous ” ..

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