Audio Technica AT120E Cartridge Review

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“This is dan vinyl fury and i m here today to do as sort of of a review which i m not something that i normally do on this channel. I recently got a new cartridge for my turntable and i kind of wanted to share my thoughts about it because it s a cartridge that i ve been wanting for quite. A while actually about two years ago. After a long time.

Researching. Reading reviews and experiences on different cartridges in the entry level quote. Unquote audiophile category. I decided on the audio technica 120 ii.

Just most every review that i read was very good high bang for your buck kind of results. Which is what i was looking for so about two years. Ago i bought this..


Turntable it s a music hall. Mmf 22. Le. Which is a great table it comes with a music hall tracker cartridge made by gold ring.

Which i had some issues with when i first got it and the vendor outfitted it with a great oh blue cartridge which i liked well enough. But it s not exactly what i wanted. But the audio technica was not available anywhere in town. So i stuck with the grid.

Oh for the time being until. I could afford to put the cartridge that i wanted onto it and i finally did that as all the reviews that i ve read have said. It s a very very musical cartridge with great stereo separation..


Clarity. Everything is very clear. And the tracking has been remarkable to me a lot of people say that it s you kind of develop this sense. Even if you re not looking at the record of the record sign is about to be over because you get that inner groove distortion sound gets a little impressed it varies by record.

But usually you can tell by ear. That you re getting close to the end of a side and this thing checks so well even at the end of a record that sense kind of gets thrown off sometimes and i ve experienced that sometimes i haven t i don t realize that the record is over until it s making that looping nose at at the outer groove. Which is great i haven t had any problems with intergroup distortion. So far and i played about 25 records now.

I m told i ve read that there s about a 50 hour quote. Unquote burn in time so i m about halfway there and the cartridge has the only drawback that i ve read to some people is that it s fairly bright high and treble. Which is not a bad thing especially..


If you have adjustment for your trouble. I ve noticed that i used to have the treble setting on my amplifier at about 3 00. Most of the time sometimes for and with this most of the time set one at the max. Which is fine that gives me more breathing room.

If something needs more trouble. I have more room to give to it and if not i can dial it back it s it s sounds great to my ears noticeable improvement over the grade. Oh for sure. So i just wanted to come on here.

Today and share my positive experience with this cartridge. So far. I do look forward to getting through the expected burning time to see how it performs after that the highs are supposed to roll off a little bit after that..


But the as is even about 25 records in i m completely happy with this upgrade. And i do consider it an up in every way. So. If you are considering cartridges in this price.

Range grado blue a order phone in red. The audio technica 120 e. I wholeheartedly endorse the audio technica and you can see many many reviews and experiences online that are overwhelmingly positive and i m glad to say that that has been my experience as well so thank you for watching. If you have any questions or comments to share please do check out my other videos.

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