ASUS Vivo Bookflip 14″ – Good for drawing?

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“Guys welcome to my channel. My name is eden and this is the art of of sweden in today s video. I m going to share you a new device i got from asus and we re gonna check it out and this is good for digital blowing and this is the asus vivo books. This video is figuring out if this device is good for drawing.

So i m not going to be talking about the specs of this device. So let s get on with the unboxing here is the packaging with a minimalistic design. Let s check out the sides. It has a plastic handle so that you can directly carry it after by i already open it so let s see the actual device.

So here is the asus vevo book flip with a nice metallic finish. I m just gonna call it a tablet because the actual name is quite mouthful let s open and check out the keyboard in the touchpad with a nice premium feel and have a glimpse of the screen as you can see i haven t removed the protective film that comes with it out of the box. Now let s check out the sides on the right side. You will see the right speaker.

Headphone jack usb type c. Port and the charging port on the left you ll see the micro usb ports sd card slots battery and light indicator volume rocker on and off switch and the left speaker on the front is just a curved part so that you can easily open..

It from clamshell mode. And at the back is what made this device really cool there are two hinges in the back that will allow you to do three modes in which i m gonna name. It personally the first is the regular laptop mode or dr mode with this mode. I really don t have to explain it because this is a traditional laptop experience and feel number two is the gaming mode or the g mode.

In this mode. Obviously you can play touch based games from the windows store unfortunately. This tablet isn t built for hardcore gaming. And it is advisable to play games that came from the windows store only number three is the flip drawing mode or the fd mode this mode made this gadget a hybrid tablet in this mode.

We can directly draw on screen in the absence of the keyboard so if you are used to keyboard shortcuts this might be a big adjustment for you actually including me and now of course in order for us to draw we need an active stylus for a style like whatever. It is called i don t mind as long as i can draw it it so let s just call. It a pen together with a pen is the external charger. Which has a plastic material.

But sleek looking design. Now let s get it on with the main part is this tablet good for drawing in my first try i used sketchbook pro..

Which is feeling any device in the process. I did experience a lot of unwanted touches. I accidentally press the ui of the app with my palm and creating dots whenever i m using the brush tool. So i tried another free software which is krita with this app.

I was able to draw up two line art just like a sketchbook however i stopped this time because i had the same problem with the palm rejection. It was kind of frustrating because even when i m wearing my glove. It still takes my palm and so i started searching for something that might help me with this problem. Then i found something in the windows.

Search menu. I typed settings. Then look for pen settings. Under the pen and ink window.

There is a box. There that you need to click..

It is the ignore touch input. When i m using my pen with that pen setting. I was inspired to draw another artwork. But this time.

I m targeting. It to be a full colored artwork. So i just made it simple. I did draw a penguin enter the time lapse video at last.

I was able to draw something from this tablet. The experience was not perfect. But i can say that this tablet can be a drawing tablet for beginners who want to explore digital art for the first time. But for professionals really sure in my case.

Even though with the help of the palm rejection turned one it still picks up some of my and what it touches making it hard for me to draw faster if you had an experience using other famous tablets like wacom huyen. Samsung note series ipad pros and surface pros like me shifting to this device will be a big adjustment..

However there are features of this tablet that might be an advantage. I ve seen some artists and social medias who uses this device for drawing flawlessly. So i think you ll just have to get used to the workflow now to answer. The question is this good for drawing the answer is yes as i ve said earlier this tablet is good for beginners like students and to those artists who wants to try out digital art for the first time.

If you want to know more about this tablet. Please check it on the description below or check out the card up there in the right corner of the screen. And so this is the end of this video. I hope you find this helpful please give it a thumbs up and don t forget the subscribe to my channel also don t forget to click that bell there so that you ll get notified whenever i upload a new video.

If i miss anything or you have a question. Please leave. A comment below. This is the art of sir eden tech version together let s explore learn create and share see.

” ..

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