Assassin s Creed Origins Best Bow FINALLY OBTAINABLE – Jackal s Gaze (AC Origins Best Bow)

assassins creed origins best bow This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Assassin s Creed Origins Best Bow FINALLY OBTAINABLE – Jackal s Gaze (AC Origins Best Bow). Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s been five months. But finally the best bow in ssweet origins is available for for everyone yes five months ago. As those great origins released pretty insane if you about it. But yeah.

The jackals gaze is now obtainable through the way it was supposed to be from the start so let s get into it in this video. If you enjoy that then alike would be super. Appreciated and let s go if you follow my channel since the launch of the game. There you know that this one of the weapons.

I always use that i never unequipped that i made countless of videos on and that it is simply the best bow in the game. The jackals gates. And no the countless of videos were no bullshit like first it was obtainable through a level 15 side quest smoker water then removed from some people s inventory. Then removed as a reward from that side quest altogether.

But it was still in the cutscene that plays during the side quest. Then we learned it was a mistake that someone at the team put the weapon there while it was intended for the hard mode travel..

The gods and now this story ends. Because you can get the bow by participating in for hard mode. Trial of the gods events and there have been for now so if you participated in the tree before this then you ve got the jackals games for defeating segments again she will be three levels higher. That is the hard mode.

But some other things change as well like her laser does not really kill her enemies. Anymore. While first you could just like to let the laser. Do the work for you.

But anyway. Once you defeat her you finally can feel the power that everyone that got the bow from that level 15 side quest has felt since october november. 2017 because it was removed in december with patch 110. If you did not have the jackals gaze.

Yet then you also get the awesome anubis outfit of revenge of anubis and everyone that already got the jackals gates will get the outfit after three hardmode travel to got kills. And i mean with kills of course separate events..

So you only get one item for event and we got some people that finally got their jackals gays. Who want to celebrate that rat 95 for example send me a clip on twitter killing segments and then getting the bow and outfit. We got la 105 9. 9.

And i hope you pronounced that right we also got a vavi o. With a ton of numbers as well congrats for finally having me bow and of my outfit. But i also want to know what people our team smoked over water let me know via a hash tag team smoke of water in the comments down below so if you got the bow from that one or from the hardmode trial of the gods and interesting is that the community challenges have been lowered significantly. So that everyone that still needs the golden uh newest items like the blue and it was outfit that it s easier to get right now on pc.

It went from a hundred thousand to fifty thousands xbox one players need to get the seventy five thousand kills and ps4 a hundred thousands and after one day. We are almost at fifty k. So that will totally be something we will get fixed by the way to tyson and re and for sending me the picture of the community challenge. But it s funny how much the goals have been reduced to like on.

Ps4 it was normally like 300000. Something like that now a hundred thousands of course..

If you already have the blue anubis outfit. Then you get nothing like i m sitting on three prizes. But i can t get anything so there s no reason to care about this event. Maybe that will change though in april.

Because the trials of the gods will continue to return so. Even. If you don t have the jackals gates. Yet just check back with the game.

Because these gods should return in april may etc. Etc. But it will be interesting to see. If there will also be a reason for people that already got all the three different anubis sets to care.

And it ll not mean like a simple new anubis set. I am one more like i want more reasons to care about this travel to god event..

I expect the april blog post. Really really soon so when we know more about the april content coming to the game. I will of course let you know so subscribe to stay up to date on everything that history origins. This was of course.

A fun video. Because the story of the jackals gaze has now finally ended it s now in the game. But i have some other contents about ss creed origins coming up as well so keep an eye out for death drop. A like to support the channel.

I ll see you next time and good. ” ..

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