Arrow Season 6

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“As if detonation stared unpleasant memory so clean. We can t get off the island island argus supply ship on the eastern shore. That s on the other side of island slade knows where it is go now hey oliver says. There s bottom eastern shore.

You luck won t make it in time. I ll take my own chances. What about the plane. You said you couldn t get it fixed for shielding us through the blast.

It should work just fine. There s nothing like there s a whole lot of other options. He s right okay..


It s better than nothing. Let s go fine. William mantha. Let s go you should be on the plane.

Take your fu. Go what s this remarks for the police academy graduation ceremony. Seems my promotion came with speech writing duties. You can write you can read i can kick both y all asses.

What i can do this is uh. This is really good for name. It s like i keep telling you hoss..


I ve got the soul of a poet. I don t think i ve ever heard you say that but he ll ask you blondie you told him it s me redirecting a ballistic missile. Bt does oh yeah well i ve already seen you do that once all right just. As you ordered a triple stack.

Other side of heart disease. Don t judge me yeah. That s for you. It s presents for you.

Thank you yeah. Thank you yeah sorry. I was in my a..


I pretty much had to knock my mother unconscious to get her on a flight back to vegas. She did not want to go that s fine maybe we had it handled yeah even without dinah in the field come a long way in a year. Yeah also makes me grateful for all the times that oliver kicked our ass. Almost will walk with you wow.

It s been over five months and they re subtly hasn t gotten better at all or that no one has there s something there for william got some fries and like a mini cheeseburger and then a burger without cheese s i wasn t sure if he was like like joseph do you think there s enough for three well. I already ate mm hmm. Unless you re asking because you think now is a good time do you need a buffer. I don t need a buff right he s a company.

I know we talked about it and then he s gonna use to mean. It might be a little weird. I mean confusing right for him for us for me for you not tonight..


Another night promise horsemen. My mom you know i m gonna go find your mom. But but the island. What happened is very dangerous and you are safe by the shore to understand what happened isn t the man who took you when we saw the explosions okay he did this he said you re my father uh.

I m gonna go find your mother. I m gonna find her and make sure that she s safe i promise you ” ..

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