Apple Watch Series 2 (Stainless Steel Milanese Loop)-Unboxing & First Impressions

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“Ladies and gents. This is a quick unboxing of the apple watch series. Without wasting wasting any time. Let s get started.

So this is fairly a square box. Nothing think to be really surprised up like this is how it is let s put that aside this is the box let s see there we go okay. But one thing for sure apple s packaging has always impressed me i think it has impressed a lot of people and here we go you have a design by apple in california. All the stuff in this box.

You have the charger for your watch yep that s about it. Let s put these things aside all right so now here is the apple watch. I m just gonna take this off there you go pill this ooh and oh..


It s pretty simple there s a box. I let s just open it up there we go oh there we go this is the apple watch this is the 42 millimeter stainless steel milanese loop that i got this is not the bayes model cost around 649 but don t worry the apple watch starts at 369 and that s for a space. Way or any kind of sports edition. So let s take this take a look at this and this is this is nice feels pretty good hmm.

The stainless steel. It s pretty pretty premium. It s all i can say right now. I like it all right so a couple of things that that are that s new with this apple watch series to compare to the series one is that it is water resistant.

It s not waterproof. But it s 50 meters of water resistant. It can handle 50 meters of water a dip in it so you probably can swim with it and you can take a shower with it i don t know if that s totally true i can test it out and it has gps..


So they re probably marketing. It more towards the fitness conscious health conscious fitness. Trackers and stuff like that and it also has watch os. 3.

The new new software version well it s not just specifically for that it s also for any apple watch right now that the watch os. 3. Is compatible with and it has a brighter display they re calling it 50 brighter than the previous model. But i think water resistant is a huge one and you need an iphone to actually use it it s turning on you had a paired with an iphone.

So i ll be pairing it with my iphone 7 by using the apple watch app. Let s see let s go there watch app. It s a parody..


You just you just start carrying here and you just press. It there. And you just take a picture yep once you take a picture you can actually restore from backup or set. It up as a new apple watch and just like an iphone.

So i ll be taking care of that so let s see how it fits on the wrist up. I actually wear my watches on my right wrist. So the good thing about the stainless steel is this that the the milanese loop is this is the magnet and you don t have to resize or anything you just put it on to your wrist. And you just see how it fit it fills in your hand.

And you just like put it in there. That s how it is so not that bad. This is pretty cool actually i like it because the first time..


I m using a milanese loop. I use the the spores spores bands before but this is the more premium. One which is pretty cool anyways that s a quick unboxing and look at the apple. Watch series 242 millimeter.

And i ll be putting it through its paces. So please. Subscribe for your full review anyways. Thank.

You so much for watching until next time this is cassie adele. ” ..

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