Andy Milonakis Returns To CVS For Revenge! (Stream Highlights)

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“Oh shut up oh shut up. Oh look. What we have here lookee here. Look look what we have here well fucking cvs hey what s up i m good m good thanks choo choo.

Choo. Tu. Tu. Tu tu tu tu.

Did you do i got fake stores. Showing fake..

Love. To me. Say it to my face say it to my face. I got fake cvs showing fake love to say it to my face.

Say to my face faith means your than one bansemer face. I am in you d answer behind me you look cute me i m dancing you look cute motherfucker you re dancing boy i m dancing with you name what what you know if we work at the cia. You you illuminati. I am.

More of jay z. s illuminati..

Oh shit you know what beyonce s thanks baby s gonna be yellow iv okay okay okay i feel that oh that s the self checkout. Damn i don t know how to use that i just learned how to read last week. I m about to advise some cool shit up do they got a brother i need. An umbrella hat.

Oh shit adult poncho. One day. I ll be an adult. I could get one of those sheepmen let s get some magnums first hot low don t need those no hey hmm cattle cup cattle cup cattle chicago got a cuddle cup this is for fat americans like me snacking one cup and drinking the other fat and inventions fat inventions bro.

I got it i got it i got it i got it i got it a good oh i got it no i need two black pen paper. Goods pens oh sexy pens rights with vividness and flair okay got some pens these touchscreen gloves..

You yourself chicken. Welcome please select your language if you have your extra care cards please scan it now to start simply begin scanning your items and follow the system prompts 349. Please place your scanned items in the bag. Please place your item in the bag.

I did. If you have your extra care card please scan. It now 67 your total is six seven please select your payment no way please wait system processing. Please swipe your card and follow the instructions on the pin pad said swipe it through say insert it oh.

I got a cash back let me get a 20 spot. Please remember to take the receipt and all of your change..

Thank you for shopping at ces. Please remove all bagged items rushon. I m writing it an angle with the tripod in my way you re shopping. It yes.

Dr. Scanner. If you have your head straight to start you you there ” ..


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