An Isekai Anime That Sounds Bland But Isn t – Knight s & Magic

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“You ever gone into an anime with little nto. No expectations perhaps. Even unsure that that you ll even like it only for it to then nturn out to be you really enjoyed watching despite your earlier preconceptions nit somehow manages to blow away all expectations and you re left sitting there with a satisfied ngrin on your face. Wishing you d discovered this anime sooner.

Well. I had that experience nfairly recently with knight s magic or knight. sis magic. A name so bland and ngeneric not to mention grammatically.

Incorrect that it s enough to make your eyes roll right nout of their sockets. Its description isn t much better with it quite literally reading n. World magic actually turned out pretty good and ni had way more fun watching it than i thought possible nbased on a light novel series of the same name knight s magic is at its core nothing nmore than an escapist fantasy for the mecha otaku. It s pretty clear from the writing nthat.

The author has a deep appreciation for all things mecha and chose to create a story nwhere. He could indulge in that particular pastime and you know what that s perfectly nfine. Not every anime needs to be ground breaking or genre. Defining in order for it to be worthwhile nsometimes.

All an anime really needs is to be entertaining. And i know that sounds kind nof silly to say out loud. Because surely all anime need to be at least somewhat entertaining n..


Like that s setting the bar rather low. But my point is that you don t always need to ngo above and beyond to create something that s fun to watch. And i think knight s magic nknows this because it s not trying to be anything else than pure wish fulfilment. Nthe story is unsurprisingly.

Then fairly simple an extremely talented japanese programmer. Ncalled tsubasa kurata. Who has a great fondness for giant robots is met with an untimely ndeath thanks to a car accident and is reincarnated as a child called ernesti echevalier in a nfantasy world in which magical mechs called silhouette knights are used by varying nations nfor combat and are largely considered as some of the most powerful weapons in the world nafter being saved by one of these silhouette knights his memory of his former life returns nand. He decides to become a knight runner himself.

So that he may one day fulfil his dreams of npiloting and eventually building his very own giant robot nhowever that description alone doesn t exactly do knight s magic justice. Because while nthe first few minutes would lead you to believe that this is just like any other isakei. But nwith a mecha coat of paint. It s only really used as a catalyst to get the plot moving nand.

It proceeds to quickly forget about the whole isakei aspect. Pretty early on so if nyou re expecting to see the protagonist going on quests in search of defeating a great evil nor finding a way to return home. While being accompanied by a harem of hot anime babes nthen. You re going to be sorely.

Disappointed in fact. Knight s magic. Even goes out of nits way to poke fun at that particular genre trope with ernesti actively showing distaste nfor girls clinging onto him because the only thing he really cares about is his mechs nknight s magic also isn t the first anime to blend fantasy with mecha either the vision nof escaflowne already did something very similar more than two decades prior..


But unlike escaflowne nknight s magic isn t as concerned about political conflicts and war drama as much nas. It is about the giant robots themselves what i mean to say is that knight s magic nspends. A good chunk of its run time focusing on the designing and building of silhouette nknights and moves through the plot at a rather brisk pace in order to focus more on them nit s this aspect of the show that i really enjoyed a lot because it was something i hadn t nreally seen from this genre before granted. I ve only seen a handful of mecha anime.

So ni d hardly call myself a mecha aficionado. But from what i have seen there s almost nalways no time spent on the actual engineering and technical side of what goes into making nthese mechs. As it s usually more focussed on the fights. Instead.

So it s genuinely refreshing nto. See so much time dedicated to just getting. These. Colossal machines up and running and nthe various technical hurdles.

That ernesti and company have to overcome. Whenever a significant nchange is made what s more is that his excitement for mechs is infectious. And you can t help nbut feel giddy alongside him whenever. He passionately explains the inner workings of one his designs.

Nor achieves a certain goal. It s as if you can feel that dedication and determination nemanating from the screen. And you can t help but get caught up in it npart of what makes this so satisfying is that almost everything ernesti does feels like nit was at least somewhat..


Earned. He isn t just plopped into this fantasy world with nhis stats. Maxed out instead. He s reincarnated as a child.

Which is oddly fitting given that nhis enthusiasm for giant robots is very child. Like who isn t even able to pilot a silhouette nknight due to his small stature. Which facilitates his need and desire to build a silhouette nknight of his own yet despite this he pushes himself to learn everything he can about this nworld and the rules that govern it he s able to pick up things like magic fairly quickly nbecause it shares a similarity to how programming works in the real world. And he s able to design nelaborate mechs.

Thanks in part to all of the model building he s done which gives him na fairly decent grasp on how things should fit together this is then combined with all nof his intensive studying to form a solid foundation for which he can base his ideas non. But even then it isn t as if things always work out smoothly for every design. He comes nup with there are always kinks that need to be ironed out for example one of the nfirst modifications. He makes is stranded crystal tissue while also adding two side arms equipped nwith magic rods.

Which makes all the silhouette knights stronger and adds. The capability of nfighting close range while casting spells at the same time. But these improvements come nat. The cost of severely reduced fuel efficiency meaning.

They aren t able to remain in combat nfor. Nearly as long later on ernesti is tasked with coming up nwith new and improved silhouette knights to beat the director of the silhouette knight nlaboratory. Who reverse engineers one of ernesti s earlier designs in order to create his own nmass produced model..


Which irons out all the original flaws. Ernesti meanwhile continues nhis creative endeavours by building. A two seated silhouette knight shaped like a centaur as nwell as a flying explosively propelled silhouette knight that he pilots himself once again nthese are overly elaborate mechs that have their own setbacks. But once the battle has nconcluded there s this scene between him and the director as they basically just geek nout over each other s mechs while discussing how they were able to pull off certain feats n.

And it s this exchange that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of what knight s magic is all nabout your enjoyment of this anime will therefore nbe determined by how you approach it if you go in expecting this to be a typical isakei nthen you re going to be severely. Disappointed likewise. If you re hoping for intense political nstrife or sophisticated military tactics. Then you re not going to find that here.

If however nyou can accept that this is a pure escapist fantasy for the mecha otaku and you like the nidea of seeing what goes into making. These giant robots then i d recommend giving it na try. I think one of the reasons. Why so many people were left unsatisfied by knight s magic nwas because they went in expecting far too much from it and were perhaps hoping it would nbe something that it never intended to be so long as you can keep your expectations nin check.

There s a lot to like about this show and for me personally. It was quite nthe delightful surprise as i didn t think i d enjoy this anime as nearly as much as ni. Did you can find links to legal streaming of knight s n magic as well as where you can pick up the ” ..


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