An Animated Introduction to Social Science

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“Right if we re all settled. Yes. Good welcome. We are the social science department.

Department. Now i ll get right to it the question on everyone s mind well me try to explain social as in society. As in human beings science. As in the facts.

The systematic study nof. A thing..

The pursuit of its true nature. We seek to understand the nature of people nand society. What does it mean to be human. What defines a person is it history is it ancestry.

How has he nworked struggled thrived in his environment. Sorry in his environment. Did he live on a mountain or in the desert near the sea in the arctic ancestry is important. But location is paramount that s all very fascinating.

But i have a nquestion. What is this person like is it a man or a woman..

What s her race. What ndoes he or she do well profession. Relies greatly on geography the natural resources that exist here proximity to natural resources is fine. But what about proximity to other people.

The sociological element is undeniable what happens when he feels the influence of nother human beings then how will he behave. What will be expected of him will he fulfill these expectations. Now it s a collection of people it s a town or a city. It s a community hmm community.

But who s in charge people talking yelling commotion whoa whoa whoa nwe need structure leaders several leaders if we can oh that s better see when we organize we give our man a voice an identity within his society. This is where his ancestry and his geography and his social interaction come together nthe political realm..

Ah. But is the true nature of man witnessed nonly in his interaction with the world around him. I ask you where do his actions begin with a thought and where do his thoughts noriginate. The brain madam.

The brain guten doktoren is it only his experience nin society. That informs him and shapes him or or is he born this way every cell and nsynapse forming just so making him the man. He is he is interacting sure buzzing around a nbusy bee in the hive of society. Sure sure.

But his inner being his motivations. His thoughts..

His feelings nhis hurt his joy. This will be largely unknown unless mein ndoktoren. We study his psychology well very intriguing. Dr.

Psych. Thank. You so as you can see we social scientists cover na wide range of topics. But we all agree on one thing.

” ..

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