AmazonBasics Mechanic Socket Tool Kit Set With Case – Set of 201

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“Spears. I ve been doing a little bit of an overview first impressions type of of video on this amazonbasics 201 piece toolset. But before i get into that i to mention in the interest of full disclosure. I paid for this with my own funds nobody is paying for this video nobody s gonna review this footage before it goes up this is 100 my opinion so it comes in the case and a lie.

I don t you d think that actually i think the way they did it make sense because it seems like to me. It seems like these logo is upside down. But on the sides on both sides you have a little flimsy last pier and on the front. You have what appears to be nice metal clamps.

But they really like you know they say i wish i could put i wish i could show you just how little pressure it takes to clip. It and make it come out i don t think the case is the selling feature if that makes any sense whatsoever so when you come inside let me see what you can actually see alright you are greeted by sockets wrenches. The the spinner handle actually i ve never even looked at this yet so one nice feature about this is you can use the quarter inch ratchet on it some things seem to fit very well others don t and i have not had this outside. I have not had it in the rain.

I don t know if you can see that there s already a little bit of rust on that clip. When you take this one piece of foam out you re greeted by the rest of the kit. As we re mentioned this is the quarter inch ratchet. So if you want to use this as an extension put the ratchet in there seems to hold it pretty nice.

And you can take your what is that a 7 32. Socket and either use this now use the ratchet to break it loose. Which this switches backwards use the ratchet to break it loose and then use the spinner handle to take out the rest of the way. That s a nice little feature.

I haven t died. Sir i have what i consider to be a nicer set and the spinner handle does not have that feature and then also involving the spinner handle you have this little adapter here. Which is not easy get out of the case like i said some things fit very well other things do not and what that allows you to do jeez is you take that on there and then you can use any one of these bits. Which as you can see let me see if i can zoom you in over here.

These don t really fit that well you can see how it s like bubbled up over there..

And it just doesn t seem like it fits. Very well. But you could use any one of these bits with that now back to this though the handle doesn t feel too bad. It it doesn t feel like the highest quality of plastic that they could have used.

But the machine work on the metal is actually very good. The sockets have a really nice fitment in there i think i ll take this quarter inch. One here you know it s not all loosey goosey on there it s pretty tight on there and the machine work on the socket. I hope the camera will show it s very clean.

There s no like bar like a loose metal anywhere like all barbs or something like you know there s no it s it actually just feels pretty good like it actually feels like it will fit very well actually don t think if i have something right here. I can test. I m not mistaken these are a no are you telling me i don t see i m gonna show a couple things i don t like about this and there s some of this and although it seems like there s no excuse for alright so try to zoom in here. Actually on these you don t own them alright.

So let s uh. Let s talk about where they kind of get you on this there s a few gotchas on this but all in all i think for a normal homeowner. This would be a nice set. But you re metric deeps go from four millimeter to fourteen millimeter.

Your 3 8. Deeps. Or three eighths will actually home these are quarter as well so the quarter inch. Actually goes all the way up to 7 16.

And then from there it goes up to okay. So your quarter inch metrics go from four millimeter to 14. And your and then your your standard ones go from five thirty seconds up to seven sixteenths or up to half inch. Actually and then your three eighths ones go from from 3 8.

Up to 14 millimeter as well and then yeah..

That s definitely quarter inch. I haven t really had a whole lot of time to work with this set and then you go from five thirty seconds to half inch on the quarter inch and make sure that yeah. These are 3 8. You go from quarter inch up it appears let me make sure it looks like 5h or maybe 1160 yeah up to wow 1360s that s weird and then you have half inch drive ones from creates up to 17 millimeters.

It s a really weirdly laid out kit like this has four millimeter four and a half five mil millon ear five millimeter five and a half six millimeter seven. I would give up these. Two you know half millimeter ones for 15 millimeter. Socket.

15 millimeter. Socket is very common. I would give up these in the deeps. I would give up all the way from 4 millimeter.

To 6 millimeter for a 15 millimeter socket like that just seems kind of absurd. But let me try let me try this 15 millimeter. I actually have a seat at car seat here that s for a dodge grand caravan and you know what that ll work. I was gonna try center it.

But i ll work something what is this one this one s a half inch drive. There s not even a half inch extension in here come to think of it. I m also not used to having the button release see if i m used to just pull them off. But the fitment of this bolt.

Where this on the bolt is very very good like these sockets are a nice quality. I can t can t knock them on quality at all i mean they feel good there they got a nice weight to them but they re sizing. But what they ve used for size that is very confusing to me what else do you get in the kit. As i just mentioned you don t get a half inch extension your stuff without a half inch extension.


I probably would have given up some of these some of these bits for a half inch extension you get a basic 5 8 spark plug socket which i will do a test in my official video on it and then you have your two extensions for your three inch drive and your quarter inch drive. And then you also have these nice little bits down here these are these are nice to have you can use them with the spinner handle or you can actually put that on the quarter inch socket where the quarter inch extension. But you d most likely use them with the spinner handle you have some allen keys here for the for the us. Ones you have threes thirty seconds to quarter inch and the longer ones and then the shorter ones half 105.

To 9 64. Some of these seem kind of useless to be honest and i don t like the fact that the ratchets don t don t lock into the case. They do not lock into the. Case then on the metric.

Side you have 13 millimeter to 4 millimeter. And then one point three to six millimeter and the longer ones. I have that taken these out of the packages. So let s see what they feel like and i m gonna keep the kit.

And i m gonna use it and it could be there s kind of cold out here. But my having a hard time getting this don t have anything readily. Available. They don t feel bad they they don t feel like they re gonna bend easy i have been you know these kind of tools in the past i m not gonna say a abuse.

But you know it is what it is so. But yeah these two thought you cannot lock these into the case. They just kind of sit there one of these i want to say it was a four millimeter. When i got the case it did not have it did not have a it didn t fit.

I had to play hell to get it so i m going to take 80 15 and i am going to zoom you guys over here at elliot. The tail light of my truck and i m going to see how the bits fit pretty good. That s one problem. I ve had with some other brands.


The sockets are good with the pitch right yeah they fit really nice the i don t like this i would like to really square a good technique for right now. I m gonna call this we call this a video for now because i think starting to ramble and i don t really have a whole heck of a lot more to say right now overall for the i paid let me see i ma put a link. I m gonna put a link in the description of the video. But i want to go into my orders.

My orders so i will see how much i pay for because the price changed. I purchased one time as of right now. It is 70 to 99. As the time to be flux at time me part are post filming this video.

Obviously because there s price right. There but when i paint when i got it was i think 7199. Or 70 144. It was a really weird one another actually know another real quick thing.

I m going to talk about the wrenches metric goes from 8 to 12 and us goes from 3 8. To 9 16. I would love to see a couple more wrenches specifically a 13 millimeter. The us side you don t really use that many wrenches anymore.

I mean you use them. But not as much as you used to a 13 millimeter is a very common wrench and it seems weird that they would leave that out but for now. I m gonna go ahead. And say thank you for watching have a blessed day.

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