Amazing Keycaps On The Cheap (DSA + PBT)!

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“Guys so i just got new key caps from aliexpress and i thought they were were pretty cool. So i wanted to show them to you so it costs just 35 bucks right now i ll have links in the description. If you re interested. But keep in mind that the price may vary over time so they come ordered in a plastic bag and they also come with a key cap puller.

So that s great if you still didn t have one on hand and at first you might think these are pretty bland. I mean these are white key caps. They re blank pretty standard. But what makes them really special is their profile.

Which is dsa. So i ll install them on my keyboard and we ll talk about that just after also quick note here. I got the full 180 cap set. Although i only have a 60 keyboard.

But basically the price difference was negligible and i ve got a few projects in mind like a macro board. Where i m pretty sure i could use the leftover keys for that so what exactly is the essay. So it s a key cap profile that has been originally created by signature plastics. Although these are replicas and that explains the lower price.

If you take a look at signature plastic ski cap sets they sell for around 100 dollars..

So these are 35. Now all rooms have the same profile. So they all share the same height and if you compare them to a em profile key caps. Which is basically what you get with any big brand keyboards out.

There you can see that there s like a curve that forms and all the key caps have different height depending on the rows. They re at also the protrusion is spherical so the surface area of each key cap is spherical compared to cylindrical on regular key caps. All sides are identical. So you can install the key in whatever direction.

And it will fit perfectly and finally there are no notches on the f and j keys. They re simply a more pronounced spherical shape on those keys. It s pretty easy to notice. And even with your fingers you feel it pretty easily you have to get used to it at first you might search for the notch.

But for me took like a few hours. And i was already used to it so doesn t take a lot of time so now what s the point and having key caps like these well some people could refer the shade. I actually found that my fingers fit really well in this spherical shape. Also they tend to slip a bit less out of the keys and finally the surface area is smaller.

So i tend to make a bit less typos..

But that s only my personal experience overall the typing experience is great i got used to it pretty fast. I m also used to typing on laptop keyboards so flat profiles aren t new to me and that could explain how i picked it up fast. But personally the biggest pro. I think is i simply like how it looks all the keys are similar they all share the same profile.

They all have the same height so it looks really clean and minimal. I feel like it looks less bulky than the typical om key profile and the angled is less pronounced to which i prefer so overall. I really like the loop simply and another pros that you can easily mix and match between two key cap sets that are both dsa simply because all the keys share. The same profile.

So you don t have to count the number of light specific row profile to make sure you have enough for your whatever project you have in mind. So like i said. I have a macro board project in mind. And i will simply need to count the number of keys.

I need and not verify that i have the right amount of each profile that i want to use so that s another great thing. It s really great for diy projects stuff like that now as for these particular key caps. Not the s in general. I have to say that the quality is pretty good they re not always perfect.

They have some really tiny defects..

But for the most of it it s pretty good the only thing is that sometimes where the the key cap is cut. I d say the line is not perfectly straight. But other than that they re really great they re good enough for me. And there was no like major warping that s something that you i tend to see in cheaper key cap set.

But these were free from those kind of issues. So that s great basically they re the same quality than any other pbt key cap you can get from aliexpress banggood or ebay. So i d say they re better than what you get from coursera logitech and stuff like that. But it probably won t be as good as the key cap sets from jmk or signature plastics.

But that s to be expected since they re a lot pricier. So yeah. That that makes a lot of sense and i m pretty sure most of you don t want to spend like 100 on a key set. Because like you can get a pretty good mechanical keyboard for that price already so i feel like this particular key cap set makes a lot of sense.

And it s a great way to try a new profile. Without investing a lot of cash in it and even for someone who is looking to buy one of these more expensive key cap set that s a great way to test the profile to see if you like it before going in and buying the expensive one whenever you get that more expensive key cap set you can always reuse those key caps on another keyboard. You have laying around so they re not like an useless after that and they re pretty good on their own. So yeah.

I feel like there s still a great kick up set overall..

So now i ll do a little sound test. If you compare them to regular pbt key caps like with the oem profile. There won t be much difference in sound. I don t think the shape makes a lot of difference in that part i haven t tested both side by side by recording them separately.

But from what i m hearing. There s basically no difference the material used for the key caps. The plate the case and definitely the switches will have a bigger impact so just so you know before the test. I m using a poker keyboard.

It has a wooden case and it has cherry mx brown switches as well so that pretty much wraps it up. I ll have links to this key cap set in the description. If you re interested make sure you like the video. If you did and if you didn t just tell me what i did wrong in a constructive manner.

It was one of the first time i m doing these kind of more improvised videos. Usually i write down a script before i film now i only have bullet points this time so let me know how i did make sure you subscribe. If you still haven t already and i ll see you in the next video. ” .


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