Alleged Abductee Shows Physical Proof

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” s not as if scientists haven t taken ufos seriously astronomers have been listening for for signs of life beyond our galaxy for more than 50 years. Today these 42 powered radio antennas in hat creek california continue that search for extraterrestrial intelligence. It s called the seti institute. In the movie.

Contact jodie foster plays. A seti researcher. Who picks up a signal from outer space. Her fictional character was loosely based on real life.

Seti. Astronomers like dr. Jill tarter. The chances of success in seti are difficult to estimate.

But if we never search the chance is zero scientists have yet to make real contact. But some ufo enthusiasts. Ask why are these researchers spending millions searching for signals from space. When they claim aliens have already been here unlike many of the experiencers.

We talked to who claim to have seen ufos. There was this big red blinking ufo or claim they were abducted so it went over this way basically stan romanick story may be the most incredible not only does he capture his alleged sightings on video do you guys see it too..

He has more independent witnesses. More documentation more so called proof of extraterrestrial contact than anyone else all right. We have an extraordinary story out of denver. He s appeared on larry king live with his video.

Stan romanek is the man who claims to have shot footage of an extraterrestrial. But remarkably stan says. His first ever ufo sighting wasn t even in the dark. But in broad daylight while he was driving his car near denver s red rocks amphitheatre as i rolled down the window it appeared to have noticed i mean at that point where we orientated itself and literally shot up to about a thousand maybe 2000.

Feet in an instant stan says he began seeing ufos all the time he could barely look up without seeing some strange light or orb in the sky over the years. His wristwatch stopped working lights would flicker at his mere presence and birds would crash into his car if you re a true experience or a true abductee you have what s called high strangeness all these weird bizarre paranormal things start to happen almost like your house is either being haunted or nobody really knows weird hey where d it go it s almost as if you re a storm chaser like ufos every couple weeks. I d reverse that it s almost like they re chasing me. But stan says he witnessed even more paranormal phenomena.

There was a ufo at his workplace orbs would follow him home at night and ultimately like a horror movie. Come true. Stan claims. They came knocking in his door.

And woke him up in the middle of the night. You thought..

It was kids yeah well either kids are very small adults. They were almost a little bit too big to be kids maybe teenagers you thought it was robbery and they re playing a joke or they were here to rob us as i got closer i started wondering if they were really masked because i could see the veins in their head. I could see their facial movements. I could see their mouth move.

I could see their eyes blink and i started to get frightened. So what happened unless you have this happen to you it s kind of hard to explain. But suddenly a thought popped into my head. So you think they were communicating with you telepathically.

I can t explain it any other way. I know what i experienced suddenly stan says his mind was filled telepathically with unexplained images awesome bam bam. Images thoughts images and what were the images i had images of this horrible catastrophe. You know winds so strong it s scouring the pavement off year forest burning devastation to the plan so you re seeing scenes from an apocalypse from some kind of apocalyptic thing and when it was over i m going when s this gonna happen wednesday is this gonna happen is this really gonna happen because i was pretty much in tears by this point.

I was so terrified you re convinced that the aliens were trying to send you a message that s what this is all about and yet stan from somebody who s listening to your story. It sounds like just that it sounds like something you made up if you re skeptic like i was and trust me. I was in the same boat you were it s like ugh you guys are crazy. But every time.

I think that something else happens to prove that i m not crazy. It s damn crazy is he crazy i don t believe he s crazy..

He s absolutely seeing something things have actually happened to him. I know that it s just from from talking with him from seeing some of the evidence. The garan cattle mutilation case was really interesting. Ufo investigator.

Chuck zukowski. Says stan s story is supported by more than just shaky video and grainy photos of bright lights or orbs in the big city sky. It s one thing to say you ve seen something that s unknown. It s another to say i ve been abducted well you would have the evidence the physical evidence that s occurred to him the marks on his leg is the marks on his body the implants that s right implants.

This is just some of the evidence. Chuck is talking about see the dot in that x. Ray stan claims. It was an implant doctors found after a so called abduction.

When abc news. Asked for an independent medical assessment of the implant. Stan says. It suddenly disappeared.

There s also these photos of marks on stan s body. Which he says were the result of alien testing and they re usually in triangles perfect triangles..

You can measure them and they re like an inch by an inch by an inch by engine one could argue stand that these are self inflicted. Now they could argue that there i found some on my back. Didn t even know i had them now how can i back you know. There s always an argument for everything you know just because somebody can fake something doesn t necessarily mean.

It s faked which brings us to the physical evidence. Stan says he found these photos on his camera after it went missing for a couple of days. Stan actually believes this is the face of an alien. These are images that were captured on a still camera.

I don t know how they got there but they were there when he downloaded pictures off our camera and what do you make of these to me they look real. I i mean there s so much detail and i m i don t know how they got on my camera. But they look like a tease to me i mean what do they look like to you you know i m. A skeptic stan so i was like you know i think it looks like you know halloween mask.

Okay maybe you re right. But do halloween masks have that kind of detail well this looks like it could be shadows could be skeptics. Argue stan and others like him are just seeing what they want to see how do you know that stan isn t putting on a great big hoax well that s the investigative part you know i d been to his house. I ve talked to i witnesses who were there that saw things i ve seen something as physical evidence and that s where you ” .


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