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“What s going on everybody my name is daniel in 47. Welcome back today pour pour another halo video as i stated before today. We will be going over the metals added to halo. 5.

Starting with the newest addition to the game breakout. Well there are a lot of breakout metals and others. As well. So let s just jump straight into this though but starting off.

We have the immortal metal. This is quite simple to get as you only have to survive each and every round without dying now next on the list is superfecta this medal is earned by surviving a four on one encounter in halo. 5. Though encounters aren t based on firefights.

But instead on how many teammates and enemies are alive. So on the bottom right hand corner. It s 2 v. 2.

Right now and so on and so forth. However many people are alive. But the next one is trifecta. Which is a three on one encounter a 5 factor for two on one and then vanquisher for 1 on them.

And i know a lot of people were wondering what the vanquisher medal was and it s just for surviving. A 1v1 and you can only get it in breakout. The extinction medal is earned by killing each and every opposing player and goes hand in hand with superfecta because it s a 4..


Be warned. Unless your team just set no. I m just well you know they might suck out on that but guys next up is the blindside metal and all you have to do to get this metal is just assassinate the last enemy player and around and that s pretty much it. But yeah anyways the next one s pretty cool because i myself used to play basketball but this one is called the buzzer beater metal and it s earned by killing an enemy in the last 10 seconds of around and i m telling you this medal is a lot harder to earn than you might think i ve actually only seen this one time how s the next one is even harder.

It s called triple threat and you have to get one kill with a weapon. One grenade kill and then a melee kill so you have to get three different kills of the four people on the opposing team so that is just incredible i don t even think i ve seen this metal. Yet but anyways guys the next one. I m pretty sure you ve all gotten before at least one time.

Especially you all that have played the halo. 5. Multiplayer beta. When it came out in december.

It s called fast break and you earn it by getting it you know in the first 10 seconds of around and everyone knows how you get this you just throw a random grenade as soon as you jump off that platform. And you just get lucky with it that s pretty much it guys now on to the style battle starting with another basketball thing. One and this one is alley oop. Which you get by glowing a power weapon off the pad and a teammate picking it up which i have to say it s super cool to watch.

Even if the enemy team tells it to you. But now i myself wondered what this medal was going and it took some digging of mine. But it s the triple double medal and this is earned by getting double digit kills assists or headshots and it s got like a master chief helmet it s like red and blue and it s really cool but once i got it i figured out that it was only because i got like a bunch of assists. And it s kind of sad but onto the next one this one is top gun and it s another one.

I m sure you ve all received before. But you get this medal for being the first player on your team to get 10 kills. Which is pretty cool that you got 10 kills first..


But i mean all these medals are pretty dope. The next. One is clutch kill and it s kind of like the break out puzzled buzzer beater sorry bugling beater but you just have to get a kill in the last few seconds of a game to tie it up or take the lead which i ve gotta say is great that s pretty satisfying. The bodyguard is by getting a spree of three protector medals big game hunter.

Which i m sure you all know and love to hear is by getting three enemy kills with power weapons in the same life. Which is why we probably all gotten it a buttload of times playing snipers because everyone is holding the power weapon. Whenever you kill them my fastball metal is super hard to get though. And me.

And master j. Have actually tried for a very very very long time to get this you ve actually gotten this metal kudos to you. But it s earned by getting a kill with the impact of a grenade not the explosion not the explosion or anything like that just the impact hitting someone in the face with a freaking grenade. A little so freaking vets like one time.

So i can record it and show it everybody. But anyways getting back into this the cluster luck is where you get multiple kills. With just one grenade game saver is by saving a teammate from dying the last death. Which is super.

Satisfying as well and the bxr medal is earned by mailing an enemy and then killing them with one battle rifle burst. Which is i had no idea how to get that but i always really liked that one too now the spray and pray is by getting a kill from long range with an automatic weapon. Which i m sure no one has ever gotten with the assault rifle. Because it s so freakin close range and heywho by and hard target.

Is by recharging your shield. Ten times in one life. Which is super hard..


But i ve actually got this medal before which is really cool now reversal wasn t what i thought it was i thought you had to have like less health. Then the opponent whenever the firefight began and all that but all that has to happen is they have to shoot you first that s it you just have to kill them if they shoot at you first it s a very simple medal for something they gave a huge emphasis on when the game started. They were like oh yeah. We wanted this little bit feels so amazing.

Whenever you got it. And it all that has to happen is that they have to shoot you birth that s good but noob combos by getting that charged plasma pistol shot and then a headshot immediately afterwards nadeshot by getting a headshot immediately after grenade explosion gun punches in melee after a br burst and the last shot by simply killing an enemy with the last bullet in your weapons. Magazine. Now quick draw is another one.

I ve heard a lot about and it s simply earned by killing an enemy with a head shot from the magnum after damaging them with your primary weapon. But here s a cool one guys snipe ol taneous. This one i m sure you ve all seen if you ve seen a halo. 5.

Montage with sniper rifle in it because this is a really cool one to show and it s earned by shooting. A single shot and getting multiple kills with it which is just freaking awesome hat trick is earned by getting three sniper rifle headshots in a row snipe on person. The punch how everyone however the announcer says that in his amazing voice by killing an enemy with melee after a sniper shot and power player by killing ten opponents using power weapons. Another one we probably all got by playing snipers and i wonder why anyways the last two we ve all heard before and are pretty simple to figure out because it s just common sense.

As big bone runner is for picking up three power weapon pads in one game and rocket marry by shooting rocket. And kidding to kill at long range. Which i think is kind of dumb. But i mean it s i m then to me.

It s just kind of little apps. But anyways guys that is all the medals for today in halo. 5..


I know there are a couple more but you should all know them as these are most these are the most ass medals. But anyways guys if you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a like because it helps me out a ton and maybe think about subscribing as i do halo videos like this every day on my channel. Including fails of the week montages forge map and more however guys i just wanted to let you know i might not be posting as frequently as my wi fi is probably down as this video goes up. But i swear to you guys as soon as i get back.

And get my wi fi. Then i will be back. And better than ever. So be good.

While i m gone everyone and bryan share my videos because it would just be awesome. If i got back on with my wife i came back on and i had just like so. Many more subs guys. Because of i mean just the community has been super awesome and i cannot thank you enough guys.

But yeah. This has been an amazing journey and like i said i will be back soon hopefully whenever my wife might gets back. But anyways. I will see you all in the next video or over on twitter.

If you follow me over there or instagram or guys. But anyways that is the end of today s video like i said be sure to like and subscribe and all that good stuff that i always had at the end of my videos. But i will see you all in the next one ” ..


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