All-New Apple MacBook Air 13″ Retina 128GB Laptop with Accessories on QVC

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” s house. I love it this is crazy legs. It s my dear friend and and he is bringing to qvc an item that earlier today rocked. Craig smith in house ladies and gentlemen with the all new okay that i wish there were like yeah you can send somebody a text and fireworks go off i wish was going to do that with our graphics.

Yeah i went sparkles and glitter because this is the all new apple macbook air it s a 13 inch 128 gigabyte laptop that comes with accessories that you need and you d normally have to pay for and most importantly your home at least on the east coast. It s raining you re probably busy do you want to circle the mall for two hours trying to find a parking spot and then get to a store and find that what you wanted is not even there. And you have to pay more for stuff that you know you need stay home hang with us. The shipping is free we guarantee that santa will be placing this under the tree and it s on sale for a limited time at fourteen hundred and ninety nine dollars and ninety four cents should we do colors and then dive into what this amazing thing was cuz earlier.

Today. Wildly popular. Oh yes. We were in saturday morning.

Q. There was a red hot first time. We had it on the air 400 and we don t have a lot work on okay let s do colors woo love that gorgeous and i think that the gold reads. Even a little bit more in the pink gold category tinge in there.

That s your silver in the front and darker behind that is going to be the space grey space crates over a pretty similar in color. But the silver is definitely a little bit lighter touch. There okay. So you are so excited as i am.

That this is all brand new all brand new. So you pick the color of your computer. And then you pick the color of your tote that we have right there in the front so any of those three colors of the computer. And then you have the pink tote.

The purple. The red and the black and it s yours free shipping guaranteed to get there in time for. Christmas at two 4999. A month on our easy pay with guaranteed return policy to the end of january.

Okay. So you know i have a hand me down that book error in my life. It was my daughter she got it about five years ago. I m still using it and you looked at me.

But the funny look in your eye. Because said well girl when you look at this one. You re gonna want to be putting this on the top of your list and you re right. It s unbelievable.

How light this is this is three pounds and this is a 13 inch computer. But it s actually smaller than last year s 13 inch computer. And you re like wait how does that happen completely redesign look at how skinny the bezel here is right here on the side. So that s part of the redesign also with this macbook air.

We have the retina display. What does that mean to you the write and display means that this is as sharp as a 1080p television set. The keyboard is larger and wider taking up pretty much the entire width of the computer built in speakers..


On the size. The trackpad is 20 larger and then take a look at how skinny we get outside of this computer look at this this is the intel core i5 processor jane this is a powerhouse computer. But it feels like you re carrying around a tablet cuz it s so lightweight if i could angle that properly look at how skinny. The screen is i mean you and is razor thin right.

There that s how skinny that screen is it s hard to angle. It only because it is so thin look at it next to your thumb you see both sides of my thumb baby. That s house. Give you that screen that s wild that s what all do all redesigned gorgeous combination.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone my daughter wanted to move into the whole world of the macbook because of all nine school situations. It s so rapid faster. Then the whole family kind of got totally just into this. But this is brand new all new and you can shop with confidence and know it s gonna be tucked under the christmas tree.

This is stunning now cold things are happening with this right should we take a little bit of a tour to show maybe. What s not there and then what you threw in my friend yeah. Because there s definitely some cool stuff in vas already showed you that bezel and the retina display. But we take a look at the connection ports on this computer.

This is new technology and it s very key that i explain this to you because. This is gonna be different than what you re used to seeing on a computer and the accessories that we include here at qvc. So you know how we do those tours. We show you you got this port that port this port that port in all those ports.

This is what apple is now doing with their computers. We ve gotten rid of all of those traditional ports and this is the new ports. You re gonna see on apple. Compete apple does not make a laptop computer that has a traditional port.

We have what they call a usbc. This is going to be the port that you re gonna use to connect for your power. You re going to be able to connect to transfer data to plug in to external monitors. You re all going to use the same exact port.

However if you buy this computer. At the apple store. And you have a traditional usb thumb drive. Well you re kind of out of luck.

We include the adapter so with this adapter now you re going to be able to take plug it in upside down. There sorry about that but you re going to be able to take one of those usb sees and turn it into a traditional usb port so when you want to be able to charge your phone. Charge your tablet or transfer over data with a thumb drive you ll need to purchase this adapter. We include it as part of the accessories with this bundle of the macbook air.

Because we know people are gonna need it right that s why we include it and it s not just a little extra charge. I mean the fact that this is in the kit is really cool look what i m holding so if you have a cute card and even if you don t you can go to qvc calm right now and if you re approved you can immediately start using this cute card for fun stuff like special financing. So if this is like oh. My gosh.

This is the all new one this is the one that she talked about this is the one that he wants to launch that new business to really like just delay. What s going on in school. 18..


Months special financing. Where else can use lovely home drink. The eggnog nibble on a christmas cookie not even thinking about driving to the mall being able to get the all new macbook air with all the accessories in your choice of color and accessory color to boot. And if you have a cue card pay for it over 18 months you re dividing eighteen into fourteen hundred and ninety nine dollars like hopefully somebody upstairs has a calculator because i really don t want to go there right now okay so here s why we switched.

There s never a worry it doesn t crash. It is lightning fast. It s gorgeous when we re watching tv on our computers. It s unlike any other i mean and i know you re a fan.

Oh absolutely look this is all new that that s really. It is this is part of the cool stuff that you could do with apple computers. What apple does a great job. It s not just the amazing technology inside their computers.

But it s the ease of use that you have that you can create amazing things so. I m gonna give you an example here. Jane okay this past fall. My daughter and i went out to one of these little zipline parks mm hmm.

We found this little zip light park in philadelphia. Here. And now all of us do this right we shoot these little individual. Ten twelve second videos on our phones right we all shoot these little videos and then we post them on facebook.

And that s the end of it well. I shot a whole series of those videos with my daughter and i at this park and with a program that s called imovie that already comes included on the computer first time you turn it on imovie is there we can now turn the series of clips and we can add texts. Watch the cool transition from this shot of video to the next. If you got kind of faded in and out more text on the screen more graphic content you can create now movies of those cool little video clips with the actual audio you can add music in there.

If you like watching other transitions coming up here. She lands on that platform boom that cool little cube. Look. We have there this is the kind of stuff that you ll be able to do on your macbook air.

The first time you turn it on right and these programs are remarkably easy to navigate and if you have any questions guess what take this into an apple store they offer classes all the time on how to edit video how to do this on the computer. Do that on the computer apple doesn t just make the amazing stuff happen they make it easy for everyone to know how to do the amazing stuff. That s why people love these machines. My husband and i laugh because my degree is in television production.

So is his so you know we went to four years of college to learn how to edit those mind by them. Yeah. Thank you yeah you know i wanted to be the first woman to direct monday night football and here i stand. But anyway.

We went to austria and we recreated the whole doe a deer all around the bar. So for a year that that footage stayed in my husband s camera. My daughter who s 17 who obviously did not go to college. Because she s still in high school was like dad just give me the video got it into her computer sat.

There an hour later thanks to imovie the entire thing edited people freaked out about it on instagram follow. Me. There you can see it..


And it s so intuitive so i want to show you what you re getting because when you move into this genre. There is no turning back no what i love about this is it is all new this is exactly what you would be waiting in line. Putting your name on a wait list for you know as i said circling them all over and over and over maybe. There is there isn t a story even near you where you can look at anything.

Like this the colors are our gold. The silver and then back here is that space grey. It s a little bit deeper when you can see them side by side in the shot and then down below you re gonna choose the color of your case. But this has been very popular since we made it available.

This is new we re so exciting and it s all on free ship and six easy payments the pink. The purple. The red and the black and then accessories like you pointed out that you ll really use guaranteed to be there for paying zero to get it there in time for christmas sure we talked about that usb transferable port that we have here s this goes from a usb see again this is the port that now all apple laptop computers are using. There is no longer a traditional usb port in any brand new macbook macbook pro.

Or macbook air. We have the adapter plug for you we re also include a 6 foot extension cord. I like to call this it was i knock over our software. They re very smooth tonight.

Craig. This is kind of like to call this good well you know what lots of spray in there tonight. No doubt about it we like the call. There s a power strip for usb.

So we have that as well so now you can plug for different things. What the one usb. Port. And we also have the mouse in the mousepad.

If you re doing a lot of number crunching on this computer you re working on those spreadsheets you re gonna love that mouse and mouse pad. Although the oversized trackpad it s very easy to navigate as well so that most popular item and there s no advance orders here. I mean we re on work day. So you gotta get what we have what we haven t right now is the space gray with the black that s the most popular it s also the most limited we have three dozen left and i don t have an advance order for you.

But i do have the confidence that by spending zero on shipping and handling. It s free you re guaranteed to get this under the tree in time for christmas. The other thing is craig. I love the integration of and mine okay.

My macbook air is my daughter s hamby drown. I think she was still in high school. So it s got to be now like 5 or 6 years old the other day. My husband said to me like do you want a new computer.

And i m like no mine is great and now i look at this and i was like oh i got a new computer. But the integration between this and my iphone and my ipad for like because of the the ability to facetime in every else on the computer. I love that integration. It s priceless all you have to do is use the same exact apple.

I think so if you own any apple product. Let s say you have an ipad or maybe. You have an iphone..


If you use that same apple id. Which is your email account for this computer. All that information seamlessly transfers back and forth so when you get a text message now you don t have to dig into your phone you actually get the text message popping up on your computer screen same thing with facetime calls. I love making facetime calls on the phone.

But how about a facetime call on a 13 inch screen especially around the holiday season. When you re not seeing everybody in your family and miss some of those folks how about seeing them on this. Large screen that we have right here. That s the advantage of having the macbook air and with this new design screen the thinner bezel.

The retina display that is now a sharper resolution than a 1080p television. Said it s gonna look crisp it s gonna look clearer and when you have to take this on the go look at that slim profile. I m holding this computer easily in one hand. Because it weighs just three pounds right three pounds yet it still has an intel core i5 processor eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of what s called solid state drive storage.

Which is faster lighter weight. And more battery efficient than a traditional hard drive and look at this i mean even when it s closed. I mean. That s stunning just looks gorgeous and then look what else is in the shot.

The cute card or what was your number you say okay zero zero zero in the. Payment we have a calculate into 1499. 94. Because 18 months special financing with the cue card.

We ship this out right now you don t wait till the first payment goes through that s 183 bucks and 33 cents 83 dollars oh my we go the little calculator and not the most exciting program on the macbook air. But that s on let me tell you that s that s the most effective right now when you look at that think about that 83 dollars a month. A little over two dollars a day. If you have a cue card and if you don t have one you can go to qvccom.

Right now maybe. This is the sole reason. Why you want a cue card and then a lot of other cool stuff is going to show up on this and you re like i m really glad i did that so get a cue card. If you re approved you can go right to that 18 month special financing.

83. Dollars. And change a month to get this right now and take 18 months to pay for it come on well. The santa claus is coming to town.

I love it i think he s already here. I think he came a week early hair looks good it looks good pewter sauce. I got to dress up if i m gonna be on with james race. I m telling you i just rolled out of bed.

So 500 have been ordered since yesterday. I mean he s crazy. It s like they re a lot longer than me i need i need a lower thing to just like race it like genetics. I know i m too short anyway it s gonna happen james thank you sorry sorry thank you buddy we mentioned an iphone or even if you have an android.

We have a sonique peak of the today s ” ..

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