ALL ABOUT SILK: Grana Review Grana vs. Everlane vs. Equipment LvL

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“Guys. I m joanna and in today s video. I m going to be talking talking a little bit more on silk and also reviewing a few pieces that i from gharana now if you re not familiar with grana. It is a brand much more popular in asia and probably australia.

And it s a little bit less well known here in the us. But it s very similar to ever lane and actually a little bit less expensive and dare. I say that i like it a little bit better so. If that sounds up your alley definitely keep watching now before i get into that if you are new here welcome.

I hope you will hit that subscribe button you may also find me on instagram and twitter. I love doing those mediums to interact with people as well so hopefully you will join me over there. Okay let s get into the silks and first with grana. This was a brand that i was first introduced to probably like two years ago.

When i was in hong kong. And actually a friend of mine. Who was there took me to their showroom in central and this brand immediately. I could tell that was very similar to ever lane.

They focused on high quality materials. All of their materials are kind of sourced from a specific part of the world such as chinese silk or mongolian cashmere or you know pima cotton from peru and they really focus on very basic pieces that everyone can use in their wardrobe at a very affordable cost so two years ago. When i was in the showroom. They didn t really have that much in their line.

But i immediately kind of fell for their messaging. And what they offered and actually picked up this hook tank top that i m wearing right now. It is just a very basic kind of silk tank top in a correct sheen fabric..


I ve had it now for two years i wear it all the time and it has been amazingly durable in fact i ve worn this hiking. I ve worn this walking all around. Europe sweating heavily throughout the time there. And i ve worn this like underneath blazers for work so it is an incredibly durable kind of like you can see it s a little tank shell here beautiful drake s beautiful fabric and it was really affordable.

I believe it was under 30. I don t know what it was in hong kong dollars at the time. But definitely under 30. Now literally no joke.

I was about to make some more purchases from grotto when i actually received an email from someone there who offered to send me a couple of pieces. If i would review them for my channel. It was honestly so fortuitous because i really was about hit with the high button. When my email came in and i graciously accepted two pieces from bayer silk line.

So from grana. I opted to get this silk bummer and this riemeck spaghetti dress which i will talk about more in just a moment. But first more on my tank top so as i mentioned this tank top is made from my silk reps machine. Which is one way you can make a silk fabric there are definitely many many types of silk fabrics crab fishing i would say is probably one of my favorites because it is a little bit more durable a little bit more easy to wear that often you know blasters will be made from this fabric versus testing.

A little bit more lightweight and gauzy so this is a definitely more durable type of silk and i noticed on rod they actually offered two forms of this tank top one that is the one that i have that is 29. And the other one that s new is a tank top that cost 35. That is 16 mami crept. Oisin and i did a little more research in mami and apparently this is how silks are graded by weight now i ve always known this intuitively because you can tell from different silks that some are heavier and weight and therefore feel more luxurious little bit more higher quality and more lightweight so 16.

Mami basically means that for a hundred yards of fabric. The weight of that fabric is 16 pounds and on the lower end as i was doing some more research on this and you will have craft issues there are more like 6 mil. Me and i only hire and you ll have more like 16 18..


19. Mon ami. So yes. I m saying mommy.

But not mommy now definitely feeling this fabric compared to for example and equipment blouse. This is also a crep de xin material you can tell immediately that this tank top material is a lot more lightweight than the equipment craft oisin that being said for a tank top this seemed perfect. I definitely am very curious about ground. I was 16 mommy products.

But unfortunately. None of the things i have here are of that newer line. 16 mommy. They do have 16 mommy crepes machine blouses now.

Which is in height shopping cart as i speak so when i next feel the need to get a other silk blouse. Which you know i love the pluses when i next feel like getting a silk blouse. I will definitely be getting a piece from gramma and comparing it to my favorites like equipment. Unfortunately.

The equipment classes do not list the weight of their silk. But you can feel like i just described that it is definitely a little bit more heavy weight. And i would not be surprised. If their silks are you know.

16 17. 18. Mummy whatever..


It is but i am definitely very curious about grana 16 mommy classic. So stuff now moving on to the pieces that grandma sent me first with this v neck dress as i mentioned i literally had this in my cart intending to buy it when i received this email from grana. So i was very very happy that they sent it to me. And i love it i mean.

It is a beautifully made dress feels super luxurious and it is just kind of you know if they ve numu shapeless that i do love to wear these kind of movie shaped lace dresses every now and then because i m you know i don t want to feel uncomfortable. And this is absolutely comfortable now this dress is made of a different type of fabric than my tank top. It is actually made of a georgette fattening which as i understand it is still made with the cresta sheen yarn. But it s a different type of weave and it is a little bit i would say at least compared to this kind you know default craft oisin that i have here it s a little bit heavier.

It has a slightly satiny sheen as you expect with a fabric called satin. But it s definitely not super reflective. It is i mean it s honestly a beautiful beautiful piece and it feels very very durable terms of how it looks on it s definitely a little bit loosey goosey and it s not for everyone i totally know this style is not for everyone. But this is just one of the options they have on their site.

And they have so many new styles now that i honestly like i can t wait to go and buy some more of these with from greta now finally with the bomber. This is once again a different type of silk this is made from a silk georgette pure 100 silk to reject and this fabric you can tell right away. It is so much softer than the other kinds of silks out there it is this is probably what you classically would think of when you think of silk. It is very soft.

Very delicate. It has a bit of that reflective shine to it but again it s nothing crazy it doesn t look garish and i absolutely love the foamer. I think it is great value for the quality that it is the fabric. The look it just is an excellent versatile piece that will definitely be well worn through probably all spring and summer months and i have been wearing it you know this summer hasn t been cruciate any hot as it usually is and i have just loved wearing this especially with my little dress here all right so that s what i wanted to share with you guys today in summary.

I think brown is an amazing brand. I will definitely be buying a lot more stuff from than in the future probably gearing into some of their other fabrics like the mongolian passion etc for silk. I can personally say that i prefer these pieces and the styles to anything that they have on ever lane and better yet is actually less expensive than ever lane..


Again. I look forward to trying one of their classic glasses. Than the 16 melanie craft oisin and comparing it to my equipment bluff so more on that at a later date. Whenever i actually need to buy a blouse because right now i haven t so if you are in the market for is silk.

I definitely recommend checking out piranhas. I think their pieces are just phenomenal and they do offer free. Shipping if you spend over 75 in the us. They have different shipping policies for different parts of the world.

They re based in hong kong. So i think if you are over there and that part of the world. They re probably. Cheaper shipping rates they do not unfortunately offer free returns.

Again if you live in the us you do have to pay an eight dollar refund fee so i plan on actually loading up my cart and you know buying a ton of stuff. Which invariably i will probably have to send back a few things so that way i can consolidate all of that into one return shipment for 8 fee rather than kind of buying multiple times of smaller purchases. So that s how i would approach it up to you but i definitely recommend checking them out so i do have a referral link which i will link down below. I believe if you use that you can get 10 off your first purchase and once you are part of gram of and you can also share out your referral link with your friends that i honestly truthfully think.

This is a fantastic brand they did not offer to pay me anything to say this they just sent me the products to try out which like i said before i was already some about to buy myself so thank you guys thank you guys for watching. I hope you will keep that subscribe on like i said and i ll see you next time all right. ” ..


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