Airplay to Xbox One Seamlessly!

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” s up guys. Phil s here um here to show you a quick demo of of airserver um. There s a couple key points. I want to go over one m not affiliated with the developer at all i guess you can see i m promoting it.

But like i said i have no affiliation. I just really like this app. And i would like everyone else to enjoy it as well too everything in these videos obviously in my opinion. Please don t feel that i m telling you what to do and three.

I. Hope you enjoy. This video. Anyway um.

Oh. Key note for key point..

For i m on an ipad recording this so sorry for shaking hopefully youtube stabilizes this amount um but anyway yeah when add emily ws server one more time it s going to be rocket league 3 verse 3 and airserver be running in the background. The device. I ll be using to stream the music over would be an iphone 6s plus. I don t think that matters you can use a mac ipad.

Any ios or mac device. And it should work fine um. So reading to the comments people are saying. It s not worth the 15.

I think it is your pain too can all support developer and you re also if you have an ios device paying 15 to scream over the music that you downloaded you spotify apple music pandora or whatever you re using on your iphone and you can airplay. It you can airplay it to xbox so i think the 15. All definitely worth it if you got it when i got it on sale. Which it was 7 to 8 dollars.

It was obviously was it like why would you suspend it what is this surprise like two sodas. Now is soda in chips..

Five bucks um. Anyway beating away. So uh yeah. This is rocket league three verse.

Three are starting to run in the background. Quick video of that and let s begin so one i m going to turn on the wi fi on my device to i m going to go into air server. Okay air server is on and i did we want to track of anyone notice that the track was open whatever i don t want people to be like oh something ah. There is ponies.

This is i guess one of the wallpapers that they they introduced in the app. Obviously one of them is moving arm. But i will show you how it works so i will go into my control center go into my airplay devices and in the bottom. You will see xbox one.

I m trying to focus on it they please like that they don t xbox one click on that and it will say phil s iphone try to focus on that i m sorry if it doesn t but let s go so it s not gonna show anything enjoy hit the play button let s get rid of that let s get the sun screen and put it side by side. I ll hit play this is room five cold and notice how it s playing in the background or don t notice did i beat..

It oh no sorry alright. So you can control the volume also on the iphone initially running in the middle and then patrol it slide it up by the sound users reading volume rockers. What is we got to do hopefully to does in copyright. This video.

So there s a little rocket league. I just scored a goal so enjoy that little single bob yeah. I m a beast at this game. Obviously look at that all skill.

No um. But main point of this video is the song run in the background. Let s raise up the volume in three verse 3. I don t know if you notice any lag.

I have a motivating lag in the video for music. Let s pause..

It there you go instant pause um. That was it guys. I mean. I didn t want to show you anything else because i would also show you if he having ideas let me know arm.

But that was it really you saw a plane in a game in the background. Obviously. It has been developments into it so if anyone that bought it previously was upset and didn t try it again. I would advise him to try it again.

But you heard it yourself right now. It s working smoothly. I hope you enjoyed this video hope it was a educational into uh in the app. It wasn t uh give me a thumbs down if you liked it give me a thumbs up and maybe next time.

We ll be so lazy and ” ..

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