Age Effect on Social Security Disability Insurance

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“This is antonio bruni with michaels in booth. And i wanted to talk to you you today about social security disability and specifically the effect of age on social security for starters. If you are under the age of 19 your only option is going to be ssi that s supplemental security income children are only eligible for ssi. They re not eligible for social security disability insurance ssdi.

That s because ssdi is only for people who have worked and paid into the system obviously a minor child someone who s 3 4. 5. Years old hasn t worked and paid into the system. So they are only eligible for ssi so someone who s under the age of 19.

You know 18 still in school. But just under the age of 19 those people are only eligible for ssi ssi is also available for people after they turn 18. So ssi is for both adults and children once you turn 18. If you have not paid insufficient work credits.

So someone who s never worked and applies for disability. They re only going to be eligible for the ssi program. The supplemental security insurance program income program they are capped at about seven hundred and thirty five dollars a month that comes with medicaid. But for someone who hasn t worked and paid into your fica taxes you re going to be limited to ssi.

So adults and children adults who have not worked and children obviously who have not worked that s going to be limited to ssi people that have worked are eligible for ssdi that s social security disability insurance from age 18 to 21..

There s a loophole those people if you apply even if you haven t worked 18 to 21 you can apply under your parents earnings record. But you have to apply before you turn age 21. So it s a child who s been on disability from birth as long as they apply for ssdi from 18 to 21. They can then get on the ssdi program be eligible for medicare instead of medicaid.

But you have to do it in those first three years before you turn 21. If you don t do it. If you wait until you turn 21 years old. Then you have to apply for ssi.

Because you haven t paid into the system your only option would be ssi the second age group is from 21 to 30 from 21 to 30. Typically when i say pay in you have to have paid in for 10 years there s a minimum amount of time that you have to have worked so you have to have worked five of the past ten total at 21 to 30. You only have to have worked half of the number of years so if you re. 22.

You they don t expect you of work five of the past 10 years. You only have to have worked one of the last two years so if you re 25. You only have to have worked half of the five years you only have to work two and a half years to have sufficient credits. If you re.


You only have to have worked four and a half years instead of the full five years to have the sufficient work credits. So from 21 to 30. It s you only have to have worked half the number of those 10 years or whatever age that you ve made it to it. 21.

You have to have worked six months at 22 you have to have worked one year at 25 you have to have worked two and a half years at 26 you have to avoid three years and that s how you build up enough credits to be eligible for ssdi so in your 20s. Whatever the second number is you just divide that number by two and that s how many years you have to have work to be able to prefer ssdi once you hit 30 you have to have worked five of the past ten years to be eligible for disability. And that s that third number there from 31 to 49 you have to work five of the past ten years to be eligible for social security disability. That s the next age group that age group is actually called younger individuals.

That is the most difficult age group vocationally to be accepted for disability and we have a different blog that will explain that the difficulties with being accepted for disability. And that group the under 49 age group. But just so you know 31 to 49. Is they re called younger individuals and they are eligible for disability.

As long as you ve earned or worked five the past ten years. The next age group for social security is age 50 to 50 for that age group it changes your requirements for getting disability. So they have from 18 to 49. They consider you all that s all one huge age group and then they consider you aging at 52 54.

They consider that closely approaching advanced age to be kind then is age 55 to 59..

They consider that advanced age then you get age 60 that s approaching retirement age. These are all each one of these age brackets social security s standard for disability gets a little bit easier so if you re on the fence about applying for disability at each one of these it 5855. It s 60. It gets a little bit easier so if you re thinking about it.

And you can hold out another two months. It s going to be a little bit easier at 50 at 55 and at 60 at age 62. You are permitted to apply for early retirement. You are that s positive yes permitted to apply for both early retirement and social security disability.

So you can receive your early retirement. You get a discounted rate. If you try right at 60 to retire right at 62 to give you 75 percent of your full retirement. But you can get that money while you wait for determination on whether or not you re disabled.

So you you get a lower burden for proving disability and you can get 75 percent of your retirement benefit. While you re waiting for that determination so that s an advantage and the last number is your full retirement age right now it s 66. If you have not applied for disability by the time you re five months from your full retirement age. There s nothing that can be done and the reason is there s a five month waiting period for your benefits to start so.

If you waited four months before your retirement age they d say well your benefits wouldn t start till after you retired so there s no point you might as well just wait till..

You retire because your check would start faster. So next is retirement age once you hit retirement age they will not take your application. The reason being you can t get disability and retirement. They don t stack on top of each other it s one of the other and i get phone calls all the time asking people that you know i m only getting 1200 in retirement.

I need to apply for disability as well or i worked until 70. I was getting retirement and now i got hurt i want my disability. It s they re not stacking programs. It s one or the other so once you re on social security retirement.

You re 66 or above. You re not eligible for any more of the disability programs. So if you have any other questions or concern you can always contact us for a free. No obligation consultation.

We re always happy to help my name is antonio bruni and i m happy to talk to ” ..

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