Acer H6 23 Inch Monitor Review – The Perfect 1080 Display!

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“Guys it s charles from tech toys and today. I m gonna be reviewing the the acer h6 23 inch monitor. So let s get right into it when you look at this monitor it looks very premium it has a faux brushed aluminum base a glossy glass screen and almost non existent but deceiving vessel and it looks fantastic getting to that bezel while the monitor is off you would think that the display is edge to edge well. It s actually not while the physical bezel is extremely small the actual bezel when the screen is on while still small is much larger than you would expect because the edges of the glass are not actually part of the display.

Which is kind of disappointing. It makes it much less appealing for multi monitor setups the bottom bezel has a very nice faux brushed aluminum finish which is only disrupted by a small acer logo in the middle this minimalistic design will look great in almost any environment from a gaming set to an office blow. The bottom bezel you can find six physical buttons for power and navigating the menu. While i m fine with buttons on a monitor these buttons feel very machine unresponsive making them not fun to use when you re trying to use the menu moving a little farther down the stand you can see it has a larger tangle of bass that matches the bottom bezel with its texture and looks really nice except.

The little marking of a paper clip to remind you that the base is magnetic. You want to hold paperclips with or something i wish if they had just had a sticker marking this feature in the packaging as it kind of disrupts. The whole nice look of this base and moneth connecting the base to the monitor is a little glossy stand. Sadly it doesn t have any special features such as a cable management live height adjustment or very much tilt.


Turning the monitor around you ll find nothing extraordinary on the back. Either has a matte black finish with an easy to access. I o. Which consists of hdmi.

Dvi d. Vga. Dc power and audio out sadly you re not going to find the base amount on this monitor. So you re stuck to the stand included in the box.

Unless you can find an adapter. But overall this monitor looks very nice and has pretty solid build quality. But nothing that really makes it stand out from the crowd my biggest complaint with this monitor is the menu. It s poorly organized with settings that disappearing scroll down to them and settings in places.


That you wouldn t really expect them to be it if you go to the picture tab. You can find blue light levels. Contrast focus and a few other settings. Except you can t access anything below contrast.

They just skips past them and this is very frustrating also if you want to adjust your rgb levels. You have to go past the unchangeable settings. The color tab you don t know which settings you can and can t change. This is really annoying.

It s such a big setting like rgb levels should be easier to find and pair in some lucky buttons. I already talked about this led to a very bad. Experience for this monitors menu now that we ve gone over everything. Else.


Let s look at the most important part of a monitor. The actual display. This has a 23 inch display at 1920 by 1080 resolution. Which is plenty sharp at this size as a very fast 5 millisecond response rate.

Which should be fine for all uses including gaming as a 60 hertz fresh rate. Which is really good for professional use and semi competitive gamers the most competitive gamers 144 hertz to gain that competitive edge. But i ve never had any issues gaming. All this modern games such as csgo gta.

5. Being an ips panel. It means that this monitor has fantastic viewing angles and very vibrant colors. It also raises the question of backlight bleed.


I m happy to say there was almost none on my monitor. I m very impressed with how good the display looks and performs on this monitor especially at the price point it hits. So overall. This is a really great modern especially if you can get it for one of its frequent sales for around a hundred dollars.

It has really great vibrant colors. A nice design and it s great for semi competitive gaming or professional use so if you were looking for a 23 inch monitor. This is definitely a great choice. If you liked this video be sure to like and subscribe and if you didn t leave a comment down below as to why and i ll try and fix it in the next video.

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