A Tale of Two Zip Codes

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“Determines how long we ll live is it what we do is it who we we are actually when it comes to predicting how long you ll live your zip is more important than your genetic code here s how this works meet devon maria they both have jobs they re around the same age they re both married and they both have two kids deb lives in a town while maria lives in beto. Less than one mile away. They re similar in so many ways. But here s the thing on average residents of beagle will die more than 15 years sooner than the residents of a town why because where you live is about more than just your address.

It s about your opportunities for example. Deb. And maria s access to healthy options is really different in a town. Deb s family is surrounded by healthy food options.


Including farmers markets specialty shops and grocery stores. The air in a town is cleaner and fresher. And there are lots of safe clean parks. Where deb can exercise.

And her children can play a town has good public schools for deb s kids and easy access to emergency and preventive health care on the other hand beeville has broken badly lit. Sidewalks and the parks are unsafe. The air is filled with truck exhausts from the nearby highway and for food options. Maria s only choices are be those many liquor stores fast food places or convenience stores.


The schools in beevil are overcrowded and under supported and even if maria can get her kids into better schools far away. She needs to figure out how to get them there. Without access to a car. So for maria having to juggle so much to find healthy options can be an overwhelming source of chronic stress.

Which is a serious health risk factor in fact for all the residents of beto chronic stress drives health problems like obesity diabetes. Asthma and heart disease. How did a town and vito get so different well in many cases in cities and towns across california. The root cause was racial and economic discrimination over the generations poor white people and people of color were pushed to less desirable parts of town where banks refused to lend money businesses left jobs to schools declined and the neighborhood crumble.


Everyone who could move away did and what s more when communities like a town and evil are so anita beeville isn t the only one that suffers because it turns out that not only is your zip code a predictor of how long you ll live so is what country you live in countries with the greatest income inequality had the lowest life expectancy so even americans like deb. Who are white insured college. Educated and upper income die. Younger than their peers in other countries.

In fact. Our life expectancy is 43rd in the world. And that number is slipping in the end our biggest health risk may actually be inequality and extreme inequality hurts us all so what do we do well if we re all going to be healthier. We don t just need to help the folks in bevo beat.


The odds we need to change the odds for everyone. And that s what we re doing there s a movement happening where californians. We don t follow we lead. We are building the power to make health happen in communities across the state.

We are coming together to build one california a smarter more inclusive and equitable state. That creates health. An opportunity for all join us to learn more visit ” ..


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