A Property Transformed: 3102 Seward Street

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“This project. It started off personal nbeing. A property that i was purchasing for my my mom who had suffered strokes. It nbecame something else in the process of that that s kind of who i am.

And what ngot started a realtor and introduced me to the omaha land bank. I wasn t nfamiliar with it i wasn t familiar with the process and it definitely was ndifferent it definitely changed the routes. I would normally go about doing a nrebuild the process with land bank. It guided me through the steps to do it the nright way.

It wasn t always the easiest way. But i learned how to do it the right way nso. It was definitely worth it i chose this house because this is a nneighborhood. I grew up in what i like most about the prospect village area nneighborhood is i ve been able to witness the transformation of the nneighborhood.

I ve been in omaha my entire life so i ve seen the changes. I know the nneighborhood is coming together just trying to doing a lot of changes. There s nonly two bad apples on the block. And i actually got one of them i was able to ndo what i wanted to do with that property in this neighborhood.

I grew up just like andre like he said. We were a longtime family friend you know he cared nenough to come into the community and try and make that difference. And i m nglad to be a part of that because i love having community ties..


What motivated me nto do this project is i wanted to learn the process of rebuilding a home that nwas. Very important to me the condition. It was scary. I had doubts about nit this was definitely my biggest rebuild so i was nervous about nit.

I knew coming into this property it would be a complete rebuild new plumbing. Nthe windows were in poor condition. The ceiling the flooring you name it it nneeded it hot water heater furnace ac pretty much everything you could think of jill. I think that patience is key when you re buying a land bank home.

But that is why nit s also important for your realtor to have knowledge of the land bank process nbecause. If you re upfront about what is going to happen moving forward. Then i nfind that the patience is there there were a few things that caught me noff guard that needed to be dealt with i didn t understand the process. You know i ndidn t understand that electrical permits had to be pulled prior to putting ndrywall up and things like that i had to learn the process as i was going through nit.

A great part of that was the land bank. A great part of that was the city of nomaha and the inspection department. They worked with me holy name nhousing transforms abandoned property into homes to be used by families in nprospect village. Holy name.

Housing built over 30 homes in this area spending nnearly eight million dollars. They were all new homes on vacant property and nwhile those families are using those homes. We teach them on how to own homes nhow to take care of homes..


Transforming both the neighborhoods and people s nlives. Andre s project is right adjacent to nfour other ranch homes. We built it s tagging on to the efforts. We did two or nthree years ago.

This transformational neighborhood needs a lot of ncommunication between the city and the land bank and neighbors to know what s ngoing on in a neighborhood to know who has the interest in their neighborhood nto revitalize the particular neighborhood or block. Andre now can rent nthis house to people who need housing. Andre taking this project on i knew it was ngonna be a big job. I knew i was gonna need somebody that knew exactly what it nis.

I was gonna have to be done and someone that i can trust ruben is nsomebody that i ve done business with i knew once i purchased the house. He was nexactly who i wanted to do the house look at the project its so simple. But nwhen you work you find out a hard part you know. It s why you have to talk with nyour partner to see and get better ideas to fix it up because really north omaha nhas old houses and it costs a lot of money to tear out the whole thing.

The biggest things that were changed in nthis property to me would be there was actually a wall behind me that kind of nboxed. The house in i wanted to open it up and give it more of a modern feel modern look so we transformed. What used to be a small porch pantry area. We nextended the kitchen out tore down a couple of walls.

And just kind of gave it na wide open look for a small house. The restroom was definitely the first thing ni noticed that we were gonna have to change because entrance to the rest room nwas through the second bedroom in the house. We were able to create a separate ndoor entrance and that had to happen..


But i m glad we did it like that it turned nout nice. I didn t plan on replacing the plumbing in this house. The plumbing was nfine that s probably. The one thing that was able to be salvaged and a couple of nweeks into the rebuild.

The copper was ripped out of here so that s one of the nthings that was definitely a surprise. My name is mariah and i help choose the npaint colors for the walls. I ve never worked on a home innovation before this was my first ntime. We went to nebraska furniture mart to pick out the appliances and i just ntold him what paint color to get i chose gray because the lighter colors like ngray or white.

It makes the place look more open and it s a neutral color. If my ndad has any more projects in the future. I want to help him pick out paint colors nand more designs for the projects. Andre it means the world to me to have my ndaughter be a part of you know different business ventures and see all the ndifferent things that i do to see why i do it so she can understand who i am as na person.

And why i do everything i do i think she s getting a good you know good nlesson every time. We do something jill. It s a privilege to be a part of bringing up nthe area of prospect because north omaha always gets the worst stigmatism where nhe started off with a project with the 12000. House.

You know right now. Without nme. Looking at any comps..


I know he could sell this house nfor ninety thousand. Even though it wasn t for profit for him. He still nwanted to get something that was affordable. There s plenty of needed nfor affordable house.

We have a waiting list of over 200 people. It ll be two nyears before we get to the end of that waiting list this project and others nlike. It satisfy the need by providing affordable housing in neighborhoods nwhere people want to live. I love prospect village.

Because it s a ndirect reflection of who i am. I was born in this area. I was raised in this area ni m a product of section 8. I m a product of ops.

I found a lot of value with nworking directly with omaha land bank. I am going to do another project like this nagain. It means so much to me to be able. ” .


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