A Life s Worth Kill The Master, Eyes of Kosmos Cultist ASSASSIN S CREED ODYSSEY

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“Now they have people watch us get punished. That s a different kind of shame. Shame. I m not here to watch.

I just saw you by chance what you was a man who paid his master for freedom. But he s being kept a slave you can do that my master. Gave me a price for my freedom and i saved until i had enough now that i ve given him the drug. Me he pretends as if the deal never existed that isn t right let me talk to him for you really you do that my name is faden.

I don t know who you are but surely you were sent by the gods. They must have heard my prayers. They did and you deserve their help i can sense something in you you re special..


I like to think so gods or not i m grateful my master should be near the silver mine. He s likely over seeing other slaves like myself. I ll talk to your master and make sure he listens. He s not really the listening type he will be with me you look strong.

I could always use more people to keep these slaves in line. If you re looking for work. I m already working. I m here about one of your slaves fed on as if i know their names you re wasting my time.

I shouldn t even need to be here you re the one wasting my time. Nobody has spoken to me like that in quite a while spit it out. While you re still entertaining further on paid you for his freedom give it to him mmm doesn t sound familiar..


But i m feeling generous do something for me and i ll give this faith on his freedom. What is it there is a woman. I d like you to kill it ll leave her family to fend for themselves. But the cult of cosmos needs a ton you re a member of the cult.

If that s true then you know who i am you re smarter than they make you out to be eagle. Better tell me why i shouldn t just kill you now you could of course. If i m killed. The slave stays that way and i m the only one who knows where his papers are i ll be on my way kill the woman or not it s your choice.

But if you want your slave for him to go free. It s the only way one person s freedom is another s demise. We should meet here it doesn t really feel like chance..


So you wish for today s topic to be about fate. No not really good because i had another in mind. Ithaca is large yet faith keeps bringing us together ah. You re trying to bring us back to faith.

Once. Again. I won t let you avoid answering my questions. Though so how much did you overhear all of it you have a difficult choice to make clearly how much is the freedom of one person worth do you believe one life is worth more than another there is no difference between one person and another we all take our first breath.

The same way. But are the breaths you take equal to my own would you not say the breath of pericles is put to better use than that of someone in prison. It doesn t matter which two people you compare the answer is the same so a thief is equal to a priest a politician to a child an interesting view..


I think i ve said enough ah you re you re right. I know you are a busy and your mind is weary that does sound like me go now. It s been an honor having these conversations with you you too socrates. What is he about what was have you decided to give up on your slave friend.

If you have i won t give you another chance. The woman s dead now let feather on go free. I m disappointed did you really think i wouldn t have someone watching you now like all who lied to me you die. I won t rest until you re ready.

” ..

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