A Brick of Cash in Lab , Guinea

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” m travel writer photographer. Brendan benson. And this is my daily adventure welcome to it it s my life 365 that was pretty crazy. I don t think i ve slept in what was a shipping crate with 20 other people if you think you travel budget.

You don t really travel budget. Like the locals. Travel budget. People think traveling budget is like spending five ten dollars.

A night on a hotel. The last night. I spent seventy cents american to sleep. So it s possible to go cheaper.

The new thing i ve just gotten into my hotel. It s actually fairly decent it s huge room it s gonna cost me about 15 a night. But it s got a sweet old school tv good a huge bed with with a mosquito net..


Which is important for a malaria victim like me. It s got a sweet old school bathroom check out the toilet best part there s a fish bath. If you want to see the creepy part a huge spider on the wall never give them to take care of that anyways. I think this is day 27.

It s my life 365. I m gonna take a relaxing day and i think and recover from that bit of travel maybe go book my trekking trip. But donna yeah. Let s see what happens so the challenges are getting money out in guinea.

Are almost as bad as guinea bissau. There s bank machines all over the country here. So it s not that big of an issue. The problem is that you can only get about 80 us dollars worth of money out at a time.

It s not because the bank machines are restricted or anything. It s that they simply can t handle enough cash. The truth is the biggest bill that they make in guinea is worth what a dollar..


Fifty and i m not only i m not joking at all i don t even have one of those bills. Because all i was given was these five thousands so these five thousand bills like this one. It s five thousand francs that s worth less than one us dollar. So that s not bad enough.

They print. Five hundreds as well like that a bill worth 10 cents. So to buy anything you need like you need to pack like a whole briefcase full of money just to go buy dinner. It s crazy the reason i ended up crashing last night in the container bin was because where we arrived the locals.

All said it was just too dangerous at night to be walking and there s no taxis available. So it s really the only option. I know who s serious because even the locals weren t gonna walk. They all decided even though we only live four blocks away.

It s probably safer just to crash here so so i crashed you got to do what the locals do sometimes you gotta trust anyways this dates really safe during the day it s a market day to day so it might be pretty cool down in lobby. I have to go change money. I got to go get more of that cool gonna and money so..


I m gonna go change some money maybe catch. A moto taxi to do it so let s go check. That was actually really fun lava. It s got a really beautiful setting in the minaret up on the top of town is really really beautiful.

If i had more energy today. I d probably go check out a little bit more. But i did get some money change you want to see what what 50 euros looks like it s dad. It s a it s not just a couple bills.

50. Euros. You get a whole wad look at this. It s literally a stack of 5000 nose.

Yeah. It s a little bit crazy imagine you want to go and buy anything you got to be packing around a wad of cash like that it s insane. They really need bigger notes anyways..


That s that s how it goes sometimes. The market was really bustling today. It was really really busy down. There.

The mototaxi was so much fun i love getting around that way but yeah anyways relaxing afternoon. I really got to catch up on some sleep so yeah a bit of a lazy day today. But that is exactly what i needed after yesterday s marathon to get here to lobby right now. I think i m gonna go find some liquid anti malarial in the form of a gin and tonic and have some dinner just crashed really early tonight tomorrow.

I m hoping to go talk to the trekking agent and try to organize a trip into the end of the mountains here. So yeah. It s been a lazy day 27 of it s my life 365. But i ll see you again tomorrow.

” ..

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