A 512GB iPhone Exists! How To Upgrade Storage 1600%

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” s really hard to believe. But the first iphone apple ever sold was a four four gigabyte model with an a cabaye upgrade option today in this video. I ll showing you the world s first and only 512 gigabyte. I phone and it s a one of a kind because it s just never been done years in advance of apple even selling one of these federico cerva of london.

He actually works on a bunch of iphone projects he repairs. The unrepairable managed to build a 512 gigabyte. I phone and in this video. I m going to take a look at how fast is it how much stuff can you store on it how it was made just all around.

It s kind of an interesting project. Because it s it s amazing that it even works in the first place. But some do you even need a 512 gigabyte phone. That s another question.

I gotta answer anyways. Let s go ahead and take a look at it. See how it runs basically is there any difference just everything you need to know about a 512 gigabyte. I phone so storage is kind of funny because it always seems like you need more than you actually do i always opted for the higher gigabyte iphone models and how much i filled up of that is 56 gigabytes of 256 so i have it an even 200 left on my iphone 256 gigabytes if apple were to offer a 512 gigabyte option would i or even you d get it that s the question it just seems like overkill for storage.

But with file sizes on the rise. If you like to keep a lot of stuff locally on your phone. It could make sense. I m seriously baffled that this is even working that it s possible to do.

And the iphone of choice is an iphone 7 plus. In this matte black. This certainly isn t the first time a transplant has happened i ve seen it go from 16 to 128 or 32 to 256. But the first time ever as you can see right there.

We ve got 512 gigabytes on an iphone. So while let s go ahead and get a quick look at this guy you reseal the iphone for me. That s cool. And i ll turn the camera around take a look at that alright so let s dig in and i ve actually prepared a benchmark because usually when you go higher in storage.


The speeds increase as well and i m curious to see if the 512 gigabyte has any effects on this the 256. I know outperforms the smaller gigabyte series and on the surface looks just like a regular iphone 7 plus. Really nothing differ. Although this has had an extensive surgery so it s open it up and power her on i m assuming this is on a newer firmware it doesn t work.

And i was 11 oh. And by the way this iphone did start its life as a 32 gigabyte. I phone seven plus. So that is a sixteen hundred percent increase in actual storage.

Here. Now. The setup menu has finished let s see what s in store for us inside. I m going to general about and wow for the first time ever you are able to get over 500 gigabytes of available storage apple takes away about seven for the ios version and that is just ridiculous ios eleven point two point five.

I do wonder if this works in iowa s eleven point three tried that out later. But for now. I want to go ahead and get some benchmarks and compare it to a regular iphone 7 plus 128 gigabyte and then a 256 gigabyte iphone 8 plus let s see which of these three is the fastest using this storage alright do keep in mind this iphone is completely empty so these speeds are gonna be pretty quick here and let s go ahead and start so it ll give us a read and write speed here of the 512 gigabyte and then a random test with 4k content. I m gonna start the same test here on the iphone a7 plus series and see what we can get so.

We got 580 megabyte. Read. Speed 437. Write and in real world test of 4k.

438. Megabyte writes. 17 point. 11.

Read in the very same test on an iphone 7 plus. Which is 128 gigabytes. You can see actually write speed is a little bit slower and a read speeds just about the same. And it s a the read speed in real world is a little bit better to make a bit per second.


A little bit faster. So a little bit better and layton sees a little bit better write speed is about the same so overall scores 983 on the modified 512 gigabyte. I phone alright let s try that on the h and wow as you can see the iphone h is actually slower on 256 gigabytes versus the 512 of the iphone 7 plus so it did get a slightly higher score on a 512 here faster read speeds. But the write speeds are a little slower in this one for some reason huh overall.

Though the winner of speed is the 512 gigabyte model. So check this out oh my gosh this is just ridiculous. I thought having 256 gigabytes was crazy this is on another level check it out my entire music library. Which is twenty three gigabytes apparently.

I thought it was more this is what little of a dent. It makes a tiny little bits right here so about five megabytes songs you can have about one hundred and two thousand of them loaded on this locally on your phone. So that s pretty much a lifetime of music right. There that s so funny so i ve got my entire music library.

Synched up. And it s barely made a dent here. So next up i wanted to go ahead and update to ios eleven point three and see if that affects us in any way if it s able to update. If apple implemented any sort of protection basically.

It s just kind of amazing that apple hasn t done anything to stop this i just don t think they prepared for anyone to actually do this to their device and look at that ios. Eleven point three upgrade was successful and very happy to see that it was kind of nervous about updating it knowing how much was messed with inside. So let s go ahead and get to the how to how much does it cost everything he needs to know in between if you guys even want it to remotely do this yourselves. So believe it or not as simple as this seems.

It s not quite so that was a joke. This is extremely difficult nobody here will be able to do it. Unless you have all these specific tools step. One is to find a donor now buy an ipad that s either broken icloud locked something really damaged online and remove the 512 gigabyte chip.

This is the only ipad or eye device right now that apple offers this storage capacity in go ahead and remove that from the logic board. But first remove the logic board and then using specific tools you want to heat the actual logic board and remove the nand flash chip. This is not an easy process it takes a while you can break many components in the process. But once you do have that removed everything is easier from here of course after repeating this process on the iphone.


So go ahead and prepare your iphone of choice for the sacrifice the iphone 7 series is the only one that can receive a 512 gigabyte chip at this time as the tools to do this do not exist yet or are not very accessible for the iphone 8 series. But of course that shouldn t be a problem and if in any case. If you wanted to do this to an older iphone. You certainly could so go ahead and remove the logic board and play some copper coins around the nand chip.

Before actually heating. It s this way the heat can dissipate through the frame and not damage other components. It s very important you do this now removing this is no easy thing federico actually recommends a 420. Degrees celsius hot air.

Gun that s set with a 25. Centimeter. Nozzle and go ahead and nudge around the edges with this little pry tool to remove it and it does take a long time so be very gentle. You don t want to damage anything else in the process.

But eventually it will pop off so next up you want to go ahead and remove the chip and cleaning connection point on both of the chip and the logic board. It s very important you do this as reinstalling it you want to make sure they re getting as clean of a connection as possible and of course when you re gonna reball it with new solder it needs to be really clean for all the connection points to line up so this is very important to do but once you ve cleaned it next is the some what s easier parts programming as long as you have the necessary tools for this you should be able to go through it s fine. The programs pores are not very user friendly but you are able to copy the contents of any other iphone chip and paste it onto this one while clearing out all of the original ipad settings so you want to copy all of your contents and then go ahead and put it on to this sheet to reball. It s with the solder and as you can see melt sits with the heat gun.

And it s ready to reapply on the actual logic. Board. Now while this all looks very intimidating. It s not super super hard to do as long as you have all of the tools for it there s a lot of shops that offer this service in china.

So you know it s definitely possible and the fact that it s 512 gigabytes doesn t change a much and finishing up this installation. Apply some flux set the actual chip into the original spot make sure. It s heated properly inset and you ll know it s working. When you reinstall it into the iphone.

You should get some sort of response now unless. It s already pre programmed you re gonna have to restore the iphone in itunes. And only then will it turn on so there is the original chip and going into settings. You can see the installation was a success 512 gigabytes and now go ahead and load an entire life s worth of content on your iphone so after finishing he took it to an apple store and the reactions are priceless okay so today guys we will be seeing what the apple think about the iphone 7 512 gigabyte let s go see hi guys so it s whether you can ask you a quick question do you guys sell the iphone 7 512 gigabytes it doesn t okay well you lucky because this is the first one.


Oh yes. So it s been a project of mine. It s the first one out of china that i ve put together wow. What you think it s cool huh interesting yeah.

That s what i said but yes. It s one of the first ones out of china. It s actually the first time last thing. I wanted to cover is the price and whether or not this is even worth doing so federico it costs him about 300.

He said. He sold the other ipad after transplanting the chip from the iphone back to its and all in all just cost about 300 and that s about the cost you can get an icloud locked ipad for maybe a broken one with a 512 gigabyte chip on ebay. I ve seen so 300 at the cheapest four to five hundred on the more expensive end is it worth it i mean you definitely future proof your iphone in terms of storage speed. Wise.

I think the 7 plus is still amazing the 7 series. So you definitely have a healthy life left to them so i don t know i definitely will never fill even close to that 500 gigabytes. But i know some people are definitely heavy users. So for me.

256. Is already a stretch 500 is just too much so. In any case. Just wanted to say thank you to federico for providing this iphone to me definitely a really fun project to see in action.

And i d say definitely check out his instagram. He has a lot of crazy repairs on here where he works with so many different types of iphones. He drills into motherboards cpus just does the craziest stuff so check him out on instagram at federico serve them thank you again to him and thanks so much for watching guys. The 512 gigabyte.

I phone is real before apple even made ” ..

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