7 Great Video LED Lights Under $50

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“This video. We re going to take a look at seven led lights under 50 50 each. This is the first of many led videos. I have coming up and one we re talking about zero to 50 led lights in part two we re going to look at lights between 50 and 100 dollars.

And if you check the description. You ll find links to each one of these lights and just a disclaimer those links are affiliated. So if you use them i will get a small commission at no extra cost to you which is important because i do not receive any of these lights for free. I went to amazon and purchase them all so if you guys use those links.

I highly appreciate that and that will help me pick up a few more and maybe just maybe we ll do a part three which will be led lights between 100 and 200 dollars with that said two of the lights behind me did not make the cut. The first is the godox 64. This light is the cheapest out of all the ones. I purchased at 22 dollars.

And it had a pretty significant magenta shift. So it s not something i m going to be including you can fix these shifts by using gels. But i don t think it s nice to get a light and have to immediately put a gel on it permanently to fix the color. The second light was the monopolist 130 a similar story.

Except it had a huge green shift. We re talking like just green straight up green. So those two lights. I will not be including as you go forward so that knocked it down from 9 to.

7. Lights so now let s take a look at our first led light this is the cheapest of the group that made it into the actual tests. And that is the best light 176 this light cost 28 and of all the lights. I consider this the highest quality cheap led light that i ve tested it is very bright let me turn it on here great range.

It is dimmable and it is daylight. Only so there it is a full blast. Wildly bright and i think for the money. This is one of the better options.

So if you re just looking for a really bright daylight led light that s very simple to use this is a great option so like i said it is dimmable on the back there s actually an lcd screen here and it ll show you the ratings between i believe 10 and 99. So it does go down to around 10. There we go 10 and all the way up to 100 to turn it on and off you just hold the button or the dial down it s a dial button combination and battery wise. We re looking at sony f style batteries so these are very popular pretty much every single one of the lights behind me use this battery type so that s great news.

The other thing i really like is you actually do have an external power. Option so you can plug in something between 65. And 17 volts. So a standard 12 volt.

Power. Adaptor. And this will be great for studio use you could use it as a background light or a hair light. Something like that and not have to worry about batteries.

Which is awesome. And i think a big deal when it comes to little lights like this out of the box. All you get is the light itself no batteries no power cables and then this little adapter here. Which is sort of like a ball mount but not really it just tilts really cheap not really great option.

But at least they give you a metal quarter twenty thread at the bottom. Even though. This is a great light. There are two things that are not so awesome first of all there is no way to check your battery level on this light will see a couple lights that have that option here in a second the other thing is there is a very very slight yellow tint.

So not a huge deal you re not going to notice. It unless you compare it directly up against another light. So i don t consider that a massive deal breaker again given the cost. But it something to keep in mind if you re a real stickler for color with your leds for 28 bucks.

You really can t do any better. So. If you re looking for a high output. Dimmable daylight.

Light that s a great option our next light is the ville trucks l1 16 t. This is an interesting light it comes in at 31 and immediately..

We have a bunch of features that our previous light does not have first and foremost. This is a bicolor light. So if we turn around here. We have an on off switch on one side and on the other side.

We have a really nice lcd screen with a knob once turned on the knob acts like a dimmer so you can turn it up here. I m going to crank. It all the way up and there we go we re at 100. Very soft light which can be a good or a bad thing.

And when you push the dial in it s also a button when you push it once we re switching over to our color temperature. So this is a bicolor light and i m turning it down here. It s got a great range so right now we re at 3300 kelvin and you can split the difference. We could go to 44.

Which is right there and all the way up to 5600 kelvin. You also notice on the lcd. That we actually have a battery indicator. So we can see what kind of juice.

We have left on the battery battery wise. It takes sony npf batteries just like a lot of the other ones and out of the box. You re going to receive the light itself as well as a pretty terrible plastic. You know mount here good news like the other ones.

If we can completely remove this and use something completely different with a metal quarter. Twenty another thing. That s really nice is we do have a power jack so we can plug in anything that is 12 volts as long as there s enough current and it will power this light this light is also very thin. It s pretty impressive especially if i take the battery off you can see how tiny that is it s a lightweight panel and i m not sure exactly what kind of led technology.

They re using here because it s so thin. And because let me go ahead and switch this over to color temperature. And if i change this you probably notice the output doesn t change much so we don t really lose or gain output by changing the color temperature. Which is pretty impressive obviously daylight s going to look a little brighter than tungsten.

But that s cool a lot of these lights. You know if you split them and have both color temperatures is going to be very bright. But if you do one or the other you re only using half of the leds. So it s often much more dim than mixing them or having a strictly daily or strictly tungsten light.

So i don t know exactly what s going on in there. But i m a fan so that s really convenient that we can choose what color temperature. We want to use with the light other nice pros to this light has a very high cri of 95. Which is pretty impressive.

There are a couple things that weren t so great first and foremost. This is a very soft light because of that often soft lights aren t very bright. So it seems very bright here because i have right up in my face. But compared to some of the other lights and even the one we just looked at it s a little more dim.

So if you have a camera that doesn t do so well. With low light. You might want something a little more intense that also goes the other way around soft light is beautiful. So it s nice to have that option.

Something else is the dimming takes a long time to change. So if i switch over here. We re at 100 and i m going to start as fast as i can spin it down and 50 you can tell it s taking a long time to get all the way down to 20 that brings us to the next thing. It only goes down to 20.

So that s as low as it s going to go so you can t just barely turn it on. But you can always add something to that and kind of cut down on the light one other thing this kind of wrecked one of my batteries. Which is sad. I used one of my chief knockoff sony batteries on here and actually ripped the socket out so something to keep in mind it only happened to one type of battery and one knockoff brand.

All the rest of my batteries of which i have three or four different other brands. We re totally fine so probably going to be okay. But just keep that in mind so final thoughts on this light. This i consider the best all around err.

So if we look at all the stats. The cost color cri features..

It has a ton of features all that stuff combined makes this the best all rounder. So. If you just want a great led light for very little that s awesome. This is the correct choice.

I would not go for this if you need harsh or a lot of light and again we re looking at smaller leds. We re not talking about big ones which we ll get to in a different video. But just something to keep in mind. This is a fantastic led i m really really a big fan of this our next led light is the newer cn 160.

This light is 33 daylight. Only we don t know what the cri is it s not stated anywhere and man is this thing. Bright. It s also very simple.

There s only two buttons or controls on the entire thing on the side. Here we have a dial. Which is also the on and off so you start to turn it it turns on and there you go you ve got light. The other thing is on the back.

There s a small button and when you press it down. It s going to give you led indicators. Letting you know what the level is on your battery. When it comes to battery.

We have a couple different options. We can do sony npf batteries. As you see here as well as doublea s there is however no power jack and going back to the battery mount. This is a huge con to me first of all there s a little door that will cover up you can see as you look right here just it s exposed in there you can see all the points.

Where you would put double a batteries there s a door that covers that up. But the problem is if you have the door on you can t get the battery in and out it won t let you pop the battery out like that the other thing that really sucks is to put the battery in you don t just push in and slide over like most batteries you actually kind of have to angle. It like so it s kind of hard to explain. But you have to and lit.

Really weird and then slide it over very difficult to add and remove batteries and you can t really enclose. It fully so it looks kind of janky back here also the mount is pretty terrible. It is a plastic mount and it s bolted to the bottom of the light so you could remove it but there s no quarter twenty there if you remove it so you re kind of stuck with you know what newer gives you here. Which isn t great.

The other thing is there is a magenta casas. It s pretty minimal. But it s still there so that s something to consider otherwise. It is incredibly simple.

It is very bright and at 33 dollars. It is a great light to consider so that is the newer cn 160. Our next light is the giggle ooh. Me.

I think is how you say it 2 28. There s 228 little led chips on this light this light comes in at 33 dollars. Which i think is impressive considering what you re giving so pros on this unit is pretty decent cri. It s rated at 85.

It s very thin. If i pop the battery off here battery wise. Again we re looking at sony f style batteries. I m going to put it back on here.

Very well made i feel like this is going to be very durable. Operation is pretty simple. We have a light switch on the side to power it on and then two tiny dials and this is bicolor. There is more of a tungsten warm color.

Wow is that bright. I ll turn that all the way down. And there is the daylight equivalent. What s interesting is the range of this light isn t exactly you know tungsten and daylight.

They re a little more extreme. Which is actually good news for a bicolor so for instance this right here isn t daylight this is i believe 6000..

Kelvin. Which is great because that means i can turn up the warm side of the light. So that way i get to use both of the colors and still have close to daylight. Which means we re getting more output.

So that s good this is a very very bright little led panel pretty impressive so not only that but on the back. You ll notice. We ve got led indicators for the battery level. Which is awesome and then we have a metal quarter twenty thread in the bottom this light also comes with a ball mount so.

It s the first of the lights. That actually has a decent normal ball mount that comes with it. Which is really cool cons on this light is there s no dc jack. So you have to power with a battery next up we have the young neil yn 300 ere.

This is an awesome light this light comes in at 40 and has a lot of accessories with it we have a really nice bag they include a handle which can be screwed to the bottom. If you want a hollywood. The light and it also comes with a really nice little tabletop stand so it s essentially a tabletop cold shoe mount which is really slick this particular. One is a bicolor has a 95 plus cri rating.

Which i can vouch for because this is incredibly good when it comes to its color rendering so if you re really a stickler for cri and want perfectly clean lights these are awesome sony if batteries as we ve seen before this one though is locking in almost all their lights are locking. So you can t pop the battery off without pushing down on that little button. So that s really cool to power. It up.

There is a dial on the back that you press down that turns the light on and it is also the dimmer. This is also the only light in the lineup that starts at absolutely zero and goes up one percent at a time so there s a couple different ways to adjust the colors and the brightness on this light. If you look at the back. There s an lcd screen with a couple buttons.

We re gonna start with a color temperature button if you press it you re going to toggle back and forth between 5600 and 3200 now keep in mind. If you toggle back and forth. You re not turning off the other color temperature. You re just switching to whichever.

One you re going to be controlling so if i hit the button here right now i m on 5500 kelvin and if i turn it up here boom. There is level 1 and then as i turn it it s going to increase it. But what s interesting is it increases at one point at a time which would take forever to quickly change settings on this light. So to speed that up there s another button.

That says fine or coarse fine changes. The light brightness by 1. If i press course. It s going to change.

It by 10. So right now i m at 99 and boom lights off so really really slick. I love how you can do that so if you want to like perfectly dial in the percentage. You can do that otherwise if you re like me.

And you just want to like boom. There s light you can do that well we can also combine them so i can turn up both to their maximum output. And as you can see compared to the other lights. This is a lot more soft and that s due to that milf diffuser that s built in so that s going to make it really nice and soft if you re into that otherwise sorry you re kind of stuck with it the other thing that s really cool is we do have a battery button on the back.

And you ll have the letter p for power and then a number nine is full one is almost dead moving on we also have a power jack so we can power this thing off of external power without using a battery. Which is really slick. Unfortunately. The mount is pretty terrible on this light.

And it is also bolted on so recommendations for this light. I consider this the highest quality of light out of all the ones. We ve looked at and we re going to be looking at so really good output especially considering there you re losing some output by having this milk diffuser. But the the cri is the best that i ve seen of all the lights here really like it feature packed.

So you have lots of control application wise. I can see this being used in two ways. One is actually a key light you can see here even though. It s not a huge panel.

It s going to work well for a lot of cameras especially some of the newer low light cameras that are available you can also see this being a fantastic tabletop product shot light. Because you can go all the way down to 1 for each color temperature and dial all those settings in you can do a lot of damage and actually out of the box..

I just took the white plastic. Thing that this was sitting in in the box. Use that as a bounce board and then put this light on the little tabletop cold shoe mount it was able to get some really cool shots with just that so literally in the boxes. Everything you need to get great.

Little. Tabletop product shots and light. It with this link next up we have the newer cn. 16.

This might sound and look familiar to the cn 160. We looked at earlier this light is pretty much exactly the same in every single way to that other light. The only difference is it is a more dense light. So instead of 160 led bulbs.

We have 216 and man does that shove. I turn this thing on this is crazy crazy bright this light comes in at 41 dollars. So a buck more than the air that we just looked at. But the output is outrageous and outlandish so if you want a tiny light that s crazy bright.

This is a really good option for forty one dollars everything else is exactly the same so same battery level indicator. Same dial on off dimmer on the side same super sucky battery door compartment and same terrible mount but output man dimmable day light output is really really good on this so for recommendations if you re just looking for stupid amounts of light in a tiny package for under fifty bucks. This is the output winner so this is the brightest of all the other lights and it definitely shows there s no question and when i pulled this out of the box. I was just absolutely amazed with how crazy bright.

This is so that is the cn 216 from newark last. But not least. We have the aperture a marion m9. This is a 45 light.

So this is actually the most expensive of the group. But it is the smallest and one of the most impressive when you consider what all is packed in here. So we ve got an on off switch. We have a plus and minus button you can either tap them or hold them and that will dim the light output.

It s not going to be as good as the others because of the size. This thing is just not going to have the same output. There is a removable stand. Which has a cold shoot as well as a quarter twenty built in that s going to allow you to you know mount this thing somewhere.

It also comes with a little milk diffuser. So you can actually take that off if you want a little more output a little more of a harsh light magnetically pops on it also comes with a cto and ctb filter or gel to power this. There is a built in battery. And you can also plug it in with a 5 volts microusb cable with that cable you can also charge the unit when the unit is on there is a blue led and when it is charging.

There s a red led once the charter is complete it will turn off there is a whopping nine leds inside of the stang. 9. Chip leds. So that s it it s pretty impressive see our eye on this is 95 plus.

So you re getting great cri recommendations for this compared to what else you can get for less it s kind of expensive. But if you want the smallest possible light that s actually going to do anything for you this is a good option. I would recommend this for a hair light rim light. Even a fill or a key here is a shot with this light shooting through an extra layer of diffusion and i m using it with my a 6300 granted how to jack the iso up pretty high.

But that s pretty impressive so for some of these low light cameras and as these cameras get better at low light stuff. Like this is going to be more useful so that does it for part 1 of budget leds 0 to 50 stay tuned for 50 to 100 and definitely check the links in the description to check out each one of these lights for yourself. I d also love to hear what leds. You d recommend that you didn t see on this list to help other filmmakers out i can only buy so many leds.

I try to choose from high rated ones on amazon between 4 or 5 stars. And there s a lot of other ones out there so hopefully. This has helped you out if you have any questions at all please drop a comment and i ll see if i can help you out otherwise stay tuned for the other videos coming up here at dslr video shooter make sure you subscribe hit the like button. If you want to see more led content like this and i will see you guys in the next video.

” ..

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