7 Days to Die – How to Improve Performance and Reduce/Fix Lag on Lower End/Specs Hardware

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“I start with this video just want to thank premium. Members robert marley and jonathan jonathan larkins for requesting this optimization and donating and making this video possible your guys awesome 7 days to die. I lifted zombie horde survival simulator that is trying to be in the gaming world what the walking dead is for the zombies tv show genres. But it s not going quite good i found some of the mods.

Very good and enjoyable. But only for a small amount of time ok enough we are not here to talk if i like the game or not but to help you play the game on logo and hardware. I m marcus your host and welcome to yet another low specs experience optimization video. This is the 143 second game.

That will be added to last week s experience. So basically first what you need to do is to turn off experience from my website and then install it after you did that simply install it then it s very simple just follow the instructions given..

I think i don t need to waste your time in this tutorial to show you how to install it stuff like that it s a simple window installation after you install it and all that fancy start simply started from our desktop now. Press. Optimize and then from this drop down. Menu select the 7 days to die.

This winner installation will pop up click browse and then select the directory. Where your game is installed and then press. Install or extract. Depends on what it says here.

After you did that this control center will pop up now simply select the method of optimization. Do you want i ll select stock low specs optimization for the actual gameplay you ll see later in this video..

But if you re willing to sacrifice on drop distance for some extra frames. I d recommend going for ultra low specs optimization. But be warned that you won t see that far in the distance. And some pretty objects like this house will pop up in front of you while you re walking after you select.

Which method of optimization do you want simply select the resolution you d like to play the game on i ll select 720p because i need just a couple of frames more to take the game over the playable line. Which is 25 frames per second plus. After you select the resolution simply. Press optimize and then hit yes here.

After that start your game. There s one more thing..

I want to show you before we jump straight into the game. That been how to restore your game to default settings. Simply press. Restore defaulting lost spree.

Ian s and it will restore your game to default settings. Also if you run into any problems. While using those pigs. Experience make sure to contact me to the contact tab.

And i ll gladly answer all of your questions. Usually under 24 hours okay..

It s time to see if this helped me at all so we were getting like around 20 frames per second before with the stutter and occasional dips below. 15. Now it s a flat 25. Sometimes it goes to 28 to 30 frames per second.

I d say this is a success anyway don t forget to like the video. If you found it useful and i ll catch you in the next one run this ” ..

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