50 OUTFITS for when you have nothing to wear

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“Right. What s up guys back for another video um. Hope you guys are like like in this series. But today.

We re gonna be talking about lighting. And as can see right now i have some lighting going on and i m gonna go over what i use and what everything that i m doing in terms of like my camera and everything as well we ll have a whole separate video on just cameras and augmenting quality with cameras in another video. But for this video. We re all about lighting.

I m gonna talk about those back there how i like myself what lights i use what lights. I ve used in the past and yeah. So to get this started my name is zach vitter. I work in the film industry.

I ve been i ve been working on movies for the last 10 to 12 years and i thought why not try to bring some of the aspects of what i know into the stream. Hence the camera and and i don t want to say hence the lighting. Because my lighting actually is terrible. If you think about it i wish i want to improve.

But i haven t done it yet but let me go over what i m using. And what i think is a septa below me on twitch and one being these lights back. Here that i can simply turn on and off using my phone. Because of it s connected to my wi fi.

And yeah. So i can simply turn these lights on and off. And yeah. Let s go over this right now these lights right here are called life effects.

That s lif x. So the reason i want to talk about lighting. Is because lighting can really change the mood of of a stream and if you look at someone s stream lighting can be everything as well as a distraction for you depend on how you light yourself. I ve been in situations where i ve had the sun coming through my window back here.

And it s so bright that it just like here watches. I ll turn off i ll turn off these lights and open it and you can see just how how gross this is i m blown out everything sucks. I mean i could simply you know turn down the exposure and utilize my natural light. But this isn t the quality that i want to go for i want to have something that s a little more flashy and a little less just like revealing of my room.

So what i ended up doing is in the past. I used to hang christmas lights in the background and i used to have my own little tiny light in which i d reject a coloured light onto a wall using a battery operated light which i ll show you guys in just a second. But let me go ahead and close this window..


Really so i used to use this battery light. And i ll show you here real quick. So i used to use this this was a battery operated light that was given to me by a production that didn t need it anymore. And it s kind of cool.

It takes a bunch of double a batteries or these little sony and p batteries plug in these batteries in and you go ahead and turn it on this used to be my light source. It s a very strong light source as you can tell. But i used to have this setup on my floor. And i d add a little bit of a what s called a fill a gel.

Which essentially would put a little color on this and i used to stick it down here on the floor. And i would turn it up add a little color back there. And you can see how it just kind of puts like this nice little ring of circled light behind me because it just kind of spreads it out there so in the film industry you have these things called gels that you put on lights to add different colors and diffusions to like soften up a light or something like that so i have some i have some green here. I have some have some blue and i have some orange.

So when i first started streaming. I used to take this gel and i would i would bend it up a couple times here get it nice and folded. I would fold it up again and i would take this source of light that i had and i d put it through here to add a little bit of color. And if i go to full brightness on this and i kind of just let it sit here in the you can kind of see it just adds this wash of color that looks really pleasing to the eye.

And it s just sitting back there man. I kind of like it right now. I miss this look. I used to use this as a way to backlight myself just to add a little bit of color.

And i had a bunch of different colors here to change it up every now and then so i had a different color and we d mix it up. And i d ask my chat used to ask them like hey what color do you want do you want green orange. Do you whatever it doesn t matter. I would combine colors trying to make purple try and make other colors and that s what i used to do as one source of light.

Another thing you can do besides besides using these these little battery operated lights is get yourself some christmas lights. Now the reason. I used to use these lights wasn t so much because they were christmas themed. Although when it was christmas.

I used to have a really holiday themed christmas events on my stream and this would be a nice little back accent to make it seem a little more christmasy. But i used to plug this in because of the depth of field on this lens. Making it such a nice little bokeh in the background. So if i go ahead and plug these in here.

So back a long time ago. This is what i ended up using as my lighting and if i put this far back in the frame. What do you see how these look right and when i start to back these up you re gonna see the bulk of these grow a little bit bigger and bigger bigger as i back it up you see them turning into these all circles right..


What i used to do is that used to be my source of lining. It was a little something pleasing for the eye to see the bokeh changed. Because i used to have the lights coming in my window by the by my side so it started out really really blurry and we slowly come into focus as well as add this little orange glow. That just looks kind of nice.

So that s another way you can add a little bit of source of lighting. And maybe. This isn t really for you. But it s kind of a cool look.

And yeah. So that s another source one other big thing that i use for lining isn t anything special. It s probably something you have on your desk. Right now as you are sitting there and that is my monitors themselves right now.

I literally have three monitors turned on and when i turn them off you can see just how dark it gets the natural light. Let me go ahead and turn off this last. Monitor here this is the light in my room without an er in my office. I should say without there s nothing turned on this i you i literally hues.

My monitors as my light so if i turn back on all these monitors you can see just what they re all doing as i slowly start to come on and add a little bit of illumination to my face. So i ve been doing this ever since i started and because i have the benefit of this camera that i have this camera can see into pretty much a black hole. Because of how good sony s sensor is on the the a7 series so right now that is all i m using for lining up my face. And when i combine that with just adding a little some sort of accent of my little.

Two back lights. Here it makes for just a nice overall pleasing view are pleasing image to the eye. I literally have a nice soft light wrapping around my face from all my monitors. My front monitor being a little bit darker.

This monitor always being a little bit brighter and i always have white windows open. I utilize the light mode in a lot of applications. When i m streaming just to add a little bit of light on my face from this monitor and same with my obs on my stream pc. I turn that on to a white mode or a light mode to be able to get a little bit of a little bit of light on my face from that side and then i have my my my game pc.

It s my middle monitor here that you re seeing and that can sometimes change things up too and let s say i wanted to add a little bit of color to my to my face. You know i can just go over here and try to change my my wallpaper. Even to something you know if you start to watch me as well as my wallpaper. I ll bring this back up here and if i change this over here to something you know let s say something like this you re gonna see that this is a little bit of blue a little bit of orange in there and you know this is very heavy on the the orange and in bl bra for some added security swapping out the sandal for boots.

Here s a warmer version that doesn t let the top shine as much. But it s still a good option for those days when all your t shirts are dirty. But you still have three pairs of underwear left so you refuse to do the laundry out of pride..


Not speaking from personal experience or anything. I know what you re thinking ashley. I m not a fucking power ranger. How am i supposed to casually have a suit of entirely one color.

I will say monochrome looks are easier to pull together than you might expect and instantly make you look like you put an honestly intimidating amount of effort into your outfits. Obviously the easiest way is to go for an all white or all black outfit. But even if you are putting together a colorful outfit. Really the shades don t have to match exactly like here i have three very different shades of tan.

But it still overall reads as monochrome and honest. I think it s a bit better if the shades are different. So it adds some dimension to your outfit. Here are some other tips for putting together in monochrome outfits try mixing up the textures like here i have both leather and denim add some accessories to add detail.

And don t be afraid to add a little pop of a contrasting color like the text on this t shirt on the opposite end of the spectrum. There has never been a better time to get wild with some pattern mixing does this look cool or do i look like i m a christmas elf addicted to hot topic. I don t know. But there s bound to be some niche on instagram who s into that personally though i do think it works especially because the black in the leopard print and the floral print and the black of my jeans and shoes.

Ties. The whole outfit together. I think that s the key with pattern mixing. You really want to have at least one common color between all of your prints denim on denim used to make me want to fucking tear my eyeballs out.

But somewhere in the past year. I have given into the dark wash side. But if you don t want an outfit that screams canadian tuxedo and try mixing a light and dark wash to break up the look alternatively. Here is an outfit with similar washes.

But i think it works because the sherpa lining on my jacket and my exposed leg errol knees prevent me from looking too stuffy in all that denim. I really didn t know what to call this section. But basically here are some interesting outfit combinations to try most people reserved by high boots for short skirts and if you re ariana grande. Oversized hoodies.

But you can make them look a lot less dangerous woman with a miniskirt since you can t see the end of the boots. I think it looks quite cheap and ladylike this combination has been my go to lately. Which is juxtaposing a girly mini dress with chunky platform shoes or boots with some type of hardware on them i know i just think it looks really cool and casual. And it s such a foolproof combination next up you could try a menswear inspired look with an oversized blazer.

A turtleneck and some loafers sometimes i feel like it s intimidating to put that many menswear inspired pieces together. But as long as you have well fitting jeans and an exposed ankle. You won t get too lost in fabric..


And i think it looks. Very. Oxford. Chic and finally try layering a chunky sweater over a skirt and leaving it untucked for a drop waist silhouette.

I chronically tuck in my shirts and sweaters. So this look is kind of new for me. But i think it s quite cute and let me tell you it is fantastic for hiding a food baby just make sure to wear shoes with a little bit of height to balance out the chunkier silhouette. You guys know i am no stranger to showing off some scandalous shoulders and ambiguous upper thigh ass territory.

But some dresses are a little bit too sexual even for me so here s how you turn a nighttime lingerie look into a daytime outfit first i m layering a t shirt underneath to cover up the old barbaro knees and creating a cute layered look and then i m tucking my dress into some loose military inspired pants for a masculine meets feminine look for this next look i m layering an oversized blazer on top to balance out how short and tight the skirt is popping onto flat loafers. I really didn t want anything with a heel because i already have so much leg out and well now i have a sexy hermione halloween costume. I have also been loving at the corset bodice trend lately i layered a turtleneck under the sheer bodysuit for some extra coverage and paired it with a checkered skirt for some subtle pattern mixing and here is an edgier option with that same bodice. I know i just love the layered look.

And i think corsets are a great way to add a pop of color and texture to an otherwise pretty plain outfit. I don t know if this is like too simple to put in this video. But another tip is to play around with the necklines on tops that you already have so if you have a wide neck top like this try moving the sleeves off the shoulder for a more feminine dig deep off the shoulder look. And if you live through 2016.

You probably have a top that looks something like this if you ve worn the off the shoulder look to death you can chew me up the sleeve nubbins to create this kind of scoop neck t shirt with an exposed back and this is the final tip of this video. Thank god because i need a fucking glass of water after narrating. All of this if you have a plain dress that you ve worn the heck out of try changing it up with some statement belts or scarves. This is like a random can you impeached fabric that came with a shirt that i drifted or you could even use a scrap of fabric from a craft store for this i m just tying it around my waist as one does here is a little no sew hack for you guys if your dress is a bit long tuck in some of the extra fabric around your waist.

And if your sash is large enough it should hide any wrinkles. Quite well and there we go now my basic dress is picnic bitch approved here s another option with that dead grandma scarf from earlier. I m leaving it quite thick to create a kind of pseudo corset look and pairing. It with these suede boots and now i m ready to uh woo.

Some boys at the county fair you guys have seen this belt before but it s literally the best 15 dollars. I ve ever spent it completely changes up a dress and i love the juxtaposition between this beachy white dress and some black hardware and those are all fifty outfits. This is my first video that i m filming in my new apartment and goddamn. I m so excited to have enough space to fill these outfit videos without like rearranging.

My whole bedroom. So look forward to many more fashion videos to come otherwise thank you so much for watching and i will see you guys next week hi hey guys. It s ashley here to talk my ” ..


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