40oz VS 32oz HYDRO FLASK

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“Guys. I m here with a video talking about the pros and cons of both both a 40 ounce hydro flask and a 32 ounce on your flask so a of you guys have been asking me to do a video on pros and cons about both of them to see which one you guys think is fit for you i personally have both. But the first one that i ve gotten was 40 ounce. And this is my 40 ounce hydra flask.

It s in the color lilac and i got it on the hydra class website. And i ordered it and it came up to i m i think 45 dollars. Not sure. And it came in the mail like 7.

To 8 days and this one is a 32 ounce hydra flask and it has the boot. So i won t get scratched on the bottom. I got this at dick s sporting goods. And there was a limited edition.

So that s why it came with the hydra flask and it came with the boot..

I m not sure how much it was and i m not sure if they still have at dick s sporting goods. But um. So i m just gonna start off with the pros about the 40 ounce. The first one would probably be that you don t have to keep refilling it out like all the time and it s very like heavy.

I personally have the stralla which you have to buy separately if you want the straw lid. And i got this. I think i d take sporting goods. As well.

And it s ten dollars. Another one another pro will probably be that it obviously is bigger in size. But it s the same like depth of 32. So it s kind of the same just the height is different.

So if you can see one of the cons of this is that it is hard for like smaller hands like me you like have to like this that s why i have the sports leg..

Where you can just hold it like this it s very easy. But another pro is that you get used to it like so in my other video a lot of you guys have told me that you weren t sure if you wanted the 40 ounce. Because you have small hands. But like you kind of get used to it once you like use it all the time for another con for both of these would probably be that they re so like wide that they don t fit in most car cupholders.

But i guess to fix that problem what i did is i went on amazon and bought a it it was called like a bottle pro cup holder. Where you put in cars. And you put it in and it fits perfectly with hydra flask or any bigger water bottles or bigger juices like gatorade and powerade and stuff so yeah. That s two comments for both of these because they re again wide don t fit in a lot of car cupholders but if you guys want to take off the video.

I made a car cup holder review. So and they re pretty cheap too another one a pro for a 32 ounce would be that it can fit in most backpacks. Because it s i mean like you can stretch out the backpack umm holder. But this one is just so like tall that it might lean over because of the water that s inside then it gets to its start getting heavy.

If you fill it all the way that s another problem..

But i personally don t put it in my backpack because i just hold it like this i think it s easier and um. I think that s it but for me personally if you guys want to know what i would rather pick of these two it would probably have to be the 40 ounce to be honest. Because i mean if you like don t want to keep refilling the water. I would get the 40 ounce because it lasts.

A really long time you don t have to keep refilling and refilling and filling like the 18 ounce of the 32 ounce. But what the 32 not there jones the other size that they have what the third she wants i mean it depends how much water you drink if you know you drink like a lot a lot of water. I would get the 40 ounce. But if you don t you just take a sip here and there then i would get 32 ounce.

Because it s still pretty good size. But personally since where i work is like walking a lot and stuff like that i have a 40 ounce. So yeah. If i come up with any other ones.

I will put them in the comments below..

But yeah hopefully does you thought you liked this video. And yeah. If you have any other questions about hydra flasks let me know in the comments below and i ll try to answer as much as i can and i think that s it again this is the color lilac 40 ounce got this one hundred plus website. This is in gray.

It has a mint boot. It s got it at dick s sporting goods. This took about a week and two days to ship in and this i got at the store. ” .


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