$30 SmartPhone… Worth It?? Microsoft Lumia 640 Unboxing

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“Again guys. I have a somewhat fun video for you today. I saw a deal deal on best buy site. The other day for this phone.

This is the microsoft 640 from at t. Now the reason. I say. This is gonna be a fun video is not even so much about the device itself.

I m going to show you a little bit of behind the scenes as to what tech. Youtubers and just people in general who purchased these 18 t devices have to go through so i ve brought along with me a suite of tools that might be necessary to complete this task start here at the bottom the bottom seems like a good place to start hey. That s actually working so we do have an entry point can we get around the rest of it nope that didn t happen. And the funny thing is a lot of times people save the packaging on these devices for resale value.

Because having all the packaging means that people will know that all the documentation. All the cabling and everything s in there 18 t devices. No such luck. Let s try this way well that kind of work we re making progress little progress for progress nonetheless.

I m underwhelmed apparently. I m not going to need all these extra implements scissors. Alone are working. The problem is the left hand side you almost need just two can opener.

I m super close i ve almost reached my purchase and that will actually do wow. That was about a million percent easier than i ve ever done it before and now we re just left with loads of jagged edges. So anyway. Now that we ve successfully mauled a package.

This is the microsoft lumia 640 throw this away don t eat that right lots of packaging. Lot of materials lots of things to make loud noises teeny tiny micro usb cable. I do mean teeny tiny. I ve seen cables this small before but usually they re included with usb chargers.

This is like a six inch cable. This is not going to be useful if you re plugging into the wall..

Which i suppose is why they also included this wall charger. That s permanently attached. So you ve got a data slash syncing cable and then your wall wart. Which again is not one that s robably gonna be hugely useful because you can see that it says it outputs at 750 milliamps maybe that s all the device will take you also get a bunch of 80 open.

Here start here look. Here first quick start guide stuff phone feature guide stuff about windows. How to set it up basic functions. Nobody reads those product safety information that thing you get in case you steal the device and the battery just take all this stuff.

It s gone gone forever okay. So let s see if we can get the back off of this thing. Very nice that has a removable back grab here at the top pinch and bold. There you go that wasn t too terrible.

It does come with an 18 tcm pre installed. Which i will not be using so we ll take that out chuck it in the hole forever all right installing the battery. Actually before we put it all back together. Here s where your sim will go it takes a micro sim.

You ve also got a micro sd card slot. Right there. You can see a big ol rear. Facing speaker.

There we go got it all back together. And it definitely feels a lot more hefty a lot more solid in the hand. Now let s get all this plastic off of it oh whose you there you go there s your plastic. There s your microsoft branding.

Microsoft branding. I ll be really honest i m not a hundred percent on the specifications on this one it has a 1280 by 720 display. Which was significantly higher than the 520 series that i tried and actually i think a lot higher than the 635. But it has more storage.

It has a faster processor more ram. I think this has a gig of ram and a quad core..

Processor if i remember correct and it comes running windows 81 out of the box. And it s supposed to be upgradeable to windows. 10. Whenever it becomes available for this device from what i read.

It is supposedly already releasing in other parts of the world. So hopefully. It is just a matter of time. Sam error.

Yeah. Yeah. I accept accept accept so we re going to go ahead and connect to wi fi. And there we go next next next let s get it all done checking reset protection state.

That s an interesting one how do you want to set things up recommended or custom. You know what i m just gonna take recommended probably not a phone. I m gonna be using as a daily driver go ahead and set the timezone what is the date today it s definitely not april 2015. Sorry there you go much better keep your life in sync.

Now. We re not gonna do that right now. Reset protection. No not really and now we wait.

But we ll say i m a little disappointed. I didn t get to break out the super rusty old handy cut shears that i got from my grandfather can still have to go back to cutting my toenails with these. But without actually having gotten into the phone. Yet just looking at the specs looking at everything on paper looking at the device itself.

I paid 30 bucks. For this at best. Buy. Regular retail price on it is 60 bucks as a backup phone.

These things are awesome. That s as far as i m going to go with it as a primary device..

I m going to go ahead and say it i ve used windows phone in the past. The performance is always amazing you can throw as many apps as you like at it. And it s going to be great there are going to be a few apps. That are probably not going to perform hugely well in on the phones that have lower specs like this one in particular.

But the biggest problem that i ve always had with windows phone is just the lack of apps. Which is funny that it s spending. So much time sitting here on this installing app setting up app screen. Because there s not that many apps out there for it.

But yeah for the apps that it has there s a lot of games for it there s not a lot of top end games. But there are a lot of games for it. There s a lot of third party apps for first party apps like third party replacements. There like there s no official instagram at fire remember right.

There s not an official snapchat. There s not an official face maybe. There s facebook. I don t know just a lot of the official apps that i would use are not there a lot of the google apps.

Obviously you re not there alright i m back and actually it s a couple of days later not because i ve been taking the time to actually review the device. But because i ve been trying to recover the video. But that s a topic for another day. I have spent a little bit of time with the device and for 30 bucks.

I can say this is absolutely an amazing deal. But i ve been told that it s 30 bucks for a reason. Because i believe it s actually being phased out the next model of this device. The lumia 650 is now being unveiled at mobile world congress.

So it does kind of make sense for this one to be going the way of the dodo. But that said if you can still find one for 30 bucks. If you could still find one even for 60 bucks. It s not a bad option.

Snapdragon 400. Processor..

Eight gigs of storage. One gig of ram. And an 8 megapixel. Rear facing camera capable of doing 1080p video.

The biggest limitation at this point is just the fact that it s windows phone. And there s not a huge amount of apps for and in this case. It does come with a boatload of 18t stuff pre installed. I mean literally the only thing.

I ve installed on this phone at this point is time lapse pro and microsoft hyperlapse mobile app. Because i just wanted to test out time lapses on this and again for 30 bucks. This is not a bad phone as a time lapse device. But still just to go ahead and throw it out there.

If you can find it for 30 bucks. And you re looking for a spare phone or you re looking for a phone for a child or for a senior citizen or you know a parent or whatever. 30. Bucks is not a bad option feels very nice in the hand at the end of the day.

It is a nokia device. So it is going to be very solid. It s a very nice step forward from the previous models. The 520 521 635 that i ve tested out and i think it gets the job done.

So i ll put a link to where i found it overrun best buy if it is still available on there or i ll put a link to amazon or wherever else i can find it down in the description. Just could not pass it up for the price. So as always thank you guys so much for watching remember to thumbs up this video. If you liked this video.

If you want to see more windows phone content let me know let me know if there s anything in particular. I m missing on windows phone subscribe receive the rest of my videos when they become. Available we ll see you again next time the s7 comes with a 51 inch display and a 3000 milliamp hour. Battery where the s7 edge has a 55 inch display and a 3600 milliamp hour battery as well as ” .


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