$200 Gaming PC 2017 — Easy Console Killer!

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“Welcome to zach s detector. Today. We have what i think is the best 200 200 new plus youth pc gaming built and i can t wait to show this to you guys if you guys just think about getting into pc gaming on a budget. I highly recommend taking some notes.

So let s get into it alright enough of that sexy b. Roll. Let s break this thing down part by part before we get into the benchmarks first. We ve got to start with the case.

Because if you ve been subscribed to the channel. Then this thing might look a little bit familiar. I found this compact oam case next to a toaster about a month ago. And i highly encourage you to check that video out i transformed a dumpster pc from 2007.

To a crisis running gaming monster. And it was a ton of fun for this build. I m using. Only the case and the 120 gigabyte hard disk drive that it came with and these does cost 399.

So we re off to a good start next up to add that not so big 120 gigabyte hard. Drive it s a 128 gigabyte..

Airi ssd now let me explain something real fast. I know i could have spent 45 elsewhere for a little bit better performance. But in my opinion. That s only for youtube numbers.

And it s not actually practical use windows. 10 runs like an absolute joke on a hard disk drive in 2017. So i had to throw in an ssd to this bill. If you re going to actually try to build this pc like i did then i wouldn t want your operating system to run on a slow hard disk drive.

So that s why i threw it in if you want to put that 45 in a beefier graphics card or a better processor be my guest but i would always recommend you and so your os on an ssd. I mean come on it s 2017 moving on we have a new evga 430 watt processor. That was on a killer sale on newegg for just 20 bucks. The power supplies that are included in so we and desktops usually are very risky to run especially with higher end equipment.

So if you can find a 400 ish watt power supply for like 20 bucks. I would highly recommend you do that this power supply is probably going to be in a lot of my future builds fyi next up. We have probably the best deal of this whole thing. And that was the motherboard processor and ram combo that i found used on let go i don t even know what motherboard.

It is it doesn t really matter the cpu is an. Intel..

Q 9400. Core 2. Quad that clocked at 26. Gigahertz.

And the ram is 4. Gigabytes of ddr2 800. Believe it or not i snagged at this deal. Just 40.

And you guys know i m not a big fan of buying used parts because when i buy park i much prefer the guarantee or the warranty. But this deal was just too good to pass up. I was a little worried about the 4 gigabytes of ddr2 ram. But as you ll see in the benchmarks soon that wasn t a huge issue and finally we have the graphics card.

This was a tough one because this is what makes or breaks a build. I decided to go with a new 100 oryx for 60 because like i said i like buying parts that are guaranteed to work and the rx 460 packs. A ton of value now it could have very easily made this a 250 dollar build with a gtx 1050 ti. But i thought that this process are matched better with an rx 460.

So before hopping into these benchmarks. Let s recap..

The entire build my 200 new slash. Used build is rocking an intel core. 2. Quad q90 400.

4 gigabytes of ddr2 800 megahertz ram. A new rx 4 64. Gigabyte graphics card and these are all installed on of what i think is an oem motherboard for storage. I have a new 128 gigabyte air.

I ssb and i m also using the 120 gigabyte hard disk drive that i found in the dumpster pc. Powering. All this is a new dvg. A 430 watt power supply.

And it s all housed in this very boring compact oam case alright now it s time to shine. I m going to let all these benchmarks one through so you can check this out for yourself make sure you take notes of the settings. I use which will be on the left hand side of the screen check this out you so. As you can see from these benchmarks.

Especially in games like shadow of mordor looking beautiful in 1080p on high you can really get a solid gaming pc. For just 200 bucks..

I m really happy with the amount of new and used parts. I included in this bill. Because although you can squeeze a bit more fps out by going to completely used route. I love buying parts with warranties and guarantees that they work if you re like my buddy pat from socket sanctuary.

And you prefer to buy everything used and i know you ll be able to crank out a bit more value into your pc. But there is some more risk. This still. But also not as impossible without that killer cpu motherboard and ram combo that i got so not completely against buying used parts.

Well. That wraps up my 200 new plus used pc gaming build. I absolutely need to know what you guys are thinking down. The comments section.

So don t leave me hanging well hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please drop a like down below to help support my channel and as always thank you for watching and please subscribe for more zach s text turf videos. ” ..


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