2.1 Expressed and Implied Powers of Congress AP GoPo Redesign

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“Right welcome back expressed and implied powers of congress all right so what better way way to start our discussion of congress than just by laying out their powers. Again a lot of this is review from the first unit. So we start with what s the main power of the legislative branch. They do have several others but ultimately their main duct job or their main power is to make laws.

We could also say that that means to create public policies. So they make laws they create public policy. Okay so at this point. We should be familiar with article 1 section.

8. We know that it lists the expressed powers or the enumerated powers of congress..

So it says specifically. Congress shall have the power to and a whole bunch of things there are one two three four six things that we are listing here. There are others these are among the more important ones they pass a federal budget. So that kind of includes the spending power that you see on the right hand side so they re able to tax to raise our money.

So basically they can raise money and spend money and if they can t get all the money they need through taxes. They re allowed to borrow money they can also coin money this fifth. One is really really important they can declare war that s gonna be something we ll focus on later in the unit. When we get the president involved so they declare war and maintain armed forces and we ve spent a lot of time on this one and unit once we already know that they regulate interstate commerce and how that has grown and expanded their power dramatically um the last one in article 1 section.

8. Is the necessary and proper clause..

Again we ve spoken about this and unit. 1. As well congress has implied powers. But remember those are limited.

They can t do anything they think is necessary and proper. It must be related to their expressed powers. So congress has implied powers that they can use to carry out their expressed powers. So again just another review here with implied powers and then a little bit more detail of how it s been used in practice.

Congress can make laws and areas not expressly stated in the contest. Fusion so they were able to make a national bank..

Why could they make a national bank well. Because the supreme court was convinced if that was related to some of their express powers. Namely. Coining money borrowing money taxing.

They felt that it would be reasonable that congress created national bank to facilitate those things so. The result of implied. Powers and the necessary proper clause. You see here the second bullet point has allowed congress to enact legislation addressing a wide range of economic environmental and social issues.

So they have made laws on lots and lots and lots of different things that they originally are that they have no expressed power over. But because they fall under that umbrella of implied powers through the necessary and proper clause..

Congress has been able to again greatly expand their power alright. Don t forget subscribe. If this video is gonna help you at all hit that like button for me. This has been a little money production.

” ..

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