10 Best DC Animated TV Series!

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“Entertainments movies have it all been homeruns. But over the years. Their animated series have have been pretty amazing for the most part from batman to superman to angsty teens. Knows what it s doing when it comes to making great cartoons hey ding dongs.

I m at mr. Mega virus. Elf ring and before we start arbitrarily ranking things make sure to take the time to click like and subscribe to gamespot universe. If you love movies.

Television anime comics and rasslin for decades. Dc has crafted some memorable cartoons from the super friends to the numerous batman series to the theme song of swamp thing. However we ve narrowed. All the show s down to the 10 best dc animated series and here they are starting with number 10 beginning in 2013.

Teen. Titans. Go is it over the top wacky team series featuring cyborg beast boy raven. Starfire and robin.

The show follows these characters when they re not fighting crime. And there are plenty of times. Where they re just singing songs about food like waffles currently the show is at its fifth season and has a feature length movie hitting theaters in 2018 lasting 5 seasons from 2004 to 2008 the batman was the first contemporary dark knight series since the iconic batman. The animated series a few years prior.


The jackie chan adventures artist. Jeff matsuda. Gave the characters a stylized a new look and overall. The show is incredibly underrated here s a fun.

Fact the intro to the show was written by u2 s the edge. Which explains why the theme is so mysterious and bass driven and moody. While teen titans. Go was all about the young superheroes during their time off from fighting crime teen.

Titans. Follow. The heroes during their on hours of fighting crime. Teen.

Titans was much more serious and tone compared to go and titans. Lasted five seasons before the plug was pulled here s another fun. Fact teen titans go and teen titans feature. The exact same voice actors.

Computer generated animated series don t usually hold up in the long run just look at reboot. Ok ok. No favors for mr. Mega virus now down the road.


We may be able to say the same thing about green lantern. The animated series. But as of right now. It s still super rad in our books facility whoa.

Not again the 2011 series ran for 26 episodes during its only season. But it did a fantastic job of delivering the lantern mythos from the comic book series including the red and orange lanterns. Sadly it didn t connect with his audience. But it s still the best green lantern adaptation.

Yet because batman the animated series was such a big hit dc and warner brothers decided to give superman the same animated treatment in 1996. The show follows the earthly adventures of kal el. How do you know my name have you been to krypton no but i ve watched your grandad s adventures on sci fi. Normally something this derivative wouldn t work.

But superman s animated adventures were a much more lighthearted affair that was the perfect complement to the dark and brooding batman also it helped pave the way for an amazing series which we ll get to very soon. If you didn t see the 2008 series batman brave in the bold. You missed out on a weird. Quirky and wonderful original cartoon series kind of based on the adam west live action series.

But not really brave in the bowl follows batman teaming up with and fighting other dc characters. It was a really bizarre show in fact the series finale involved bat mite canceling brave in the bold yes. I did darker batman series is on the way now i need to make room for all the great new batman swag. I ll be collecting there has yet to be a version of the justice league that s as good as the 2001 animated series based on the animation style of batman.


The animated series the first two seasons of justice league followed superman batman wonder woman martian manhunter green lantern the flash and hawkgirl saving the world from impending doom. The show was later renamed at justice league unlimited and for the next three seasons. Each episode added new heroes to the team at that joined the jla as they took on some a dc s biggest baddies. This is where the series shined and we finally got to see an animated version of booster gold batman beyond follows a teenager named terry mcginnis in the future who stumbles upon the secret that once upon a time.

Bruce wayne was batman so the kid becomes a futuristic batman in juggles being a superhero with going to high school and having a girlfriend lots of teen stuff on paper that sounds kind of bland. However batman beyond was incredible and it was such a good series that dc comics actually introduced mcginnis to the comics multiverse in 2011. The show. Lasted for three seasons between 1999 and 2001.

Additionally. You re probably gonna want to check out the feature length film return of the joker. But make sure to get the unrated version cuz. It s super dark and awesome in 2010.

Dc. Figured out a way to create a teen based team without getting all cwe about it young justice. Followed a team of heroes. That included aqualad kid flash.

Miss marcia and superboy and more as they try to prove they are ready to be in the justice league. The show was brilliantly plotted out creating long form stories that took whole seasons to tell all while sticking to the villain of the week format the show lasted three seasons before was cancelled. However a new season called outsiders will be coming to dc s new streaming service dc universe sometime in 2018 universe. It s a solid name for something.


It s no surprise that batman the animated series is number one on this list. Bruce timm and paul dini series still holds up 26 years later. And it reinvented. The superhero cartoon genre its success is responsible for a majority of the other series on this very list.

Plus. It gave us kevin conroy. Batman and mark hamill s joker and introduced the world to harley. Quinn is there anything better than that the show went through some name changes over the years and it lasted 85 episodes from 1992 to 95.

It s not just the greatest dc animated cartoon. It s the best animated series to date take that street sharks. And there you have it. The 10 best dc animated series let us know what your favorites are in the comments section.

Below. Even if you think it s wild cats or swamp thing you re wrong. But hey keep it civil because i m a person and my name is anakin and for more movies tv anime comics. Wrastlin and batman s keep it ” .


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