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“N t support for management of testing and tests. This board category. Contains any tools that that provide support for managing the tested process think of most of those tools. As where everyone is using those tools either by adding content to the database or by getting reports from those databases to help taking decisions to directs the testing activity tools.

Under this category are test. Management tools. Requirement. Management.

Tools. Incident. Management. Tools and configuration management.

Tools. Let s talk about each one of them. In detail first test management tools. Features or characteristics of test management tools.

Includes abort for management of tests for example keeping track of the associated data for a given set of tests knowing. Which tests need to run in a common environment..

Number of tests blend written run passed or filled the scalloping of tests to be executed management of testing activities time spent in test design test execution. Whether we are on a schedule or on budget or not traceability of tests test. Results and effects to requirements. Or other sources logging test.

Results note that the test management tool. Doesn t run tests. But could summarize results from test. Excretion tools.

Shared the test management tool interfaces with preparing progress. Reports based on metrics. Quantitative. Analysis.

Such as tests. One and this best as the trace defects fixed and outstanding defects. This information can be used to monitor the testing process and decide which actions to take as described in the test management section. The tool also gives information about the component.

Or system. Being tests..

Test management tools helped to gather organized and communicate information about the testing on a project test management tools interfaces or communicates with other tools such as test execution tools. Instant management tools. Requirement. Management tools and configuration management.

Tools. Everyone is losing the test management tools. But usually test measures and kissed. Leaders are and it s used during the hold thing was his activities requirement management tools tools that help managing the requirements.

Are also tools that can be very helpful in managing the testing waters. Knowing the unique identifier of the requirement is needed knowing the priority of the requirement is needed knowing what to change it from the requirement is needed. It s also important to be able to twist tests to requirements and requirements to tests. Some requirements.

Management tools are able to find defects in the requirements. Features or characteristics of your acquirement. Management tools include support for storing requirement. Statements.

Storing. Information about requirement attributes..

Like requirement priority a checking consistency of requirements. Identifying undefined missing or to be defined later requirements by authorizing requirements for testing purposes to accessibility of requirements to tests. And tests to requirements. Functions or features.

Again everyone is using the requirement management tools. But particularly system. Analysts are incident management tools. We have talked about incident.

And incident management in a previous section. Again think about incident management tool as some sort of a database to store track and get reports about various instance incidents are used heavily during the implementation and execution process and used by everyone. But mainly are used by testers features or characteristics of ends and management tools include support for storing. The information about the attributes of incidents for example severity were utilizing incidence.

Assigning instance to various people status for example urban rejected dublicate deferred and so on the boating of a statistics or metrics about instance for example average time urban number of incident with each status total number raised open or closed effects. And so on the last type of tools in this category. Are configuration management. Tools.

Configuration. Management..

Tools are not strictly testing tools either. But good. Configuration management tool is critical for controlling the testing activity as we have described before in a previous section. We need to know exactly what it is that we are supposed to test such as the exact version of all of the sayings that belong to the system test.

Where needs to be under configuration management and the same tool may be able to be used for tests. Where as well as for software items. This trail also has different versions and is it changed over time. It s very important to run the correct version of the tests.

Again is the correct version of the software itself features or characteristics of configuration management tools includes a port for storing. The information about versions and builds of the software and test where traceability between software and test web and different versions or variants. Helping track of which versions belong to each configuration build and release management. Baselining for example.

All the configuration items that make up a specific release and last access control. How can we write a check in or check out a specific version or a specific file. ” ..


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